Updated: 17 November 1999 KFOR Press Updates


15 Nov. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesman

In various vehicle checkpoints yesterday and last night, KFOR troops confiscated small arms and ammunition, including 1 pistol in Dakovica (MNB West), two pistols in Osek Hilia (MNB East), and one pistol in Rausic (MNB East). The identity of the carriers was recorded.

In Multinational Brigade East yesterday evening, a KFOR vehicle hit and killed a woman who was attempting to cross a major road near Urosevac. Military Police are currently investigating this tragic accident.

At 01:00 hrs last night, KFOR Military Police detained a Serb man in Odevce, 2 km southeast of Korentin, for threatening another Serb. After searching his house, the police found two rifles and some ammunition.

A rocket was fired at a gas station in Bandulic, a few kilometres east of Lipljan in Multinational Brigade Centre in the late evening yesterday. The device did not explode but it broke windows. A KFOR explosive ordnance disposal team was dispatched. UNMIK Police are now investigating.

The brigade also reported that, early this morning in Pristina, a man fired his pistol at an empty bar and then threw a grenade. No injuries were reported and UNMIK Police are investigating this incident.

UNMIK Police issued a news release on another incident involving the temporary abduction of an Albanian Kosovo Police Service cadet near Lipljan.

At 20:30 hrs yesterday, gunshots were heard in Drenje, 20 km east of Pec, in Multinational Brigade West. A KFOR patrol was immediately dispatched and stopped a car in the area with four people in it who were carrying two AK-47s, two pistols, one bulletproof jacket and some ammunition. Later, a Roma man with a slight gunshot wound reported that the four men with some others had shot at him in his nearby house. The injured man was taken to a KFOR Spanish field hospital and a search for the other suspects is underway.

Another similar attack involving this time the shooting of an Albanian man in the Pec area is under investigation and one suspect has been identified. The injured man has been treated at a KFOR field hospital and an investigation is underway.

Both Multinational Brigade North and South reported a calm situation.

Multinational Brigade East has received confirmation that the U.S.President, Bill Clinton will visit. The date and time, however, have not yet been confirmed.
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