Updated: 12 November 1999 KFOR Press Updates


12 Nov. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesman

In Mitrovica, Multinational Brigade North, two Albanian men aboard a truck were shot in a drive-by shooting yesterday morning at 10:00 hrs, in the vicinity of the stadium. The passengers of a car fired at the truck with automatic weapons and fled away. Immediately after, KFOR troops cordoned off the area and the victims were evacuated to the French medical facility. The abandoned car was found half an hour later in a dumping ground, not far from the place where the incident occurred. UNMIK Police are conducting the investigations.

Yesterday evening in Mitrovica, a KFOR platoon intervened to rescue a Roma individual that was harassed by a crowd of people. The person was picked up and brought to the brigade hospital for observation.

A grenade explosion occurred in a civilian building in Mitrovica at 01:00 hrs this morning. A patrol was dispatched to the site and found one Serb, who was declared dead on his arrival at the hospital. The cause of the explosion is not known at this time and an investigation is underway.

Approximately 100 Albanians were demonstrating yesterday morning in Mitrovica near the battery factory and blocked the access with buses and cars. Two platoons of Gendarmes and a recovery tank were deployed and successful discussions involving the brigade commander and the demonstrators lead to the peaceful dispersal of the crowd at 13:00 hrs.

A forward element of the Moroccan army arrived yesterday in Trepca, 6 km north east of Mitrovica, to set up a field hospital in the city. The 280 members of this medical unit, who should arrive in Kosovo next Saturday, will provide care and humanitarian aid to the local population.

Also, Multinational Brigade North reported that they have distributed 25 tons of reconstruction materials for repairing roofs in the village of Madjera, 8 km northeast of Mitrovica, in support of the NGO World Vision.

Yesterday morning, a patrol conducted a search operation in Stupelj, 25 km east of Pec, Multinational Brigade West, and confiscated three AK-47's and some ammunition. Other controls in Dakovica and Rausic resulted in the confiscation of three pistols.

A hand grenade was confiscated from a Serb man yesterday evening in Kosovo Polje, Multinational Brigade Centre. Further searching at his parent's house allowed to confiscate 400 rounds of ammunition, and 3 AK-47 magazines.

Four Albanian men were stopped at a temporary checkpoint in Urosevac, Multinational Brigade East at 11:45 hrs yesterday. One of the men had 1400 DM of counterfeited money only printed on one side and another one had two UCK cards in his possession. The men are currently detained for further investigation.

At 06:20 hrs this morning a southbound train collided with a civilian car in Babljak, 7 km north of Urosevac. Two people, who were in the car, died as a result of this accident. The brigade is currently assessing the damage and investigating this tragic accident.

On Nov 10th KFOR soldiers stopped a stolen vehicle at a traffic control point. A follow on investigation yesterday revealed three more stolen cars, a bolt-action rifle and 210 rounds at the driver's home.

At 21:40 hrs yesterday evening in Kamenica, Russian soldiers found the body of an elderly Albanian man in his home. According to the victim's neighbours, two men went into the victim's house and then about five shots were heard by the neighbours.

KFOR engineers started repairs of the bridge over the Beli Drim River at Zrze, Multinational Brigade South, 10 km southwest of Orahovac, and are expecting the works to be completed by the end of November. Other engineering efforts focus on the rebuilding of schools at Dragobilje, Macilevo, Laniste and Donay, and reconstructing of a hospital in Orahovac.

Yesterday in Multinational Brigade South, the first issue of a daily four-page newspaper was printed and distributed. This joint venture involving the brigade and regional journalists will support the communication with the population during the energy cut-off. In towns, the newspaper called Days of Hope handed out to inhabitants, and it is pinned up to walls in villages.

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