Updated: 11 November 1999 KFOR Press Updates


11 Nov. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesman

In his talks Tuesday with the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, Sergej Lavrov, Commander KFOR, General Dr. Reinhardt, discussed among other issues the conditions for a return of Yugoslav and Serbian personnel to Kosovo in accordance with UNSCR 1244. Commander KFOR agreed on the need to secure their return, but it was his assessment that conditions were not yet met and that more time was needed before considering such an option. Timelines were not discussed and the timeframe of two to three months reported by some media in connection with the return of Yugoslav personnel was not mentioned.

On Orahovac, Commander KFOR informed Ambassador Lavrov about the ongoing negotiations. Concrete measures were not discussed, nor were there any comments made suggesting that this was a matter of prestige or of honour.

The situation in the brigades was relatively calm over the last 24 hours.

Yesterday evening in Vitina, in Multinational Brigade East, a store owned by an Albanian was destroyed by the explosion of two charges. A KFOR patrol dispatched to the scene reported no casualties and immediately conducted a search in the area. This operation resulted in the confiscation of one AK-47 with an attached grenade launcher, one gunshot, two grenades, two protective masks and ammunition, all found in a nearby house. The incident is still under investigation.

At 12:30 hrs yesterday, a Serb farmer was shot north-east of Vitina while working in a field. He only suffered a minor flesh wound to the shoulder and received first aid by KFOR troops at the Vitina church. Another man present at the scene reported that gunshots were fired at his tractor. This incident is currently under investigation.

Yesterday in Caglavica, in Multinational Brigade Centre, a body was found near the Swedish Battalion compound. UNMIK Police was notified and it is not known at this time what are the results of the primary investigation.

In Pristina yesterday morning, a man suspected for murder was arrested as a result of an UNMIK-KFOR joint effort. This case is being handled by UNMIK Police.

The brigade also reported the confiscation of one pistol in Donja Gaimalja from a man who was not carrying a weapon authorisation card.

Multinational Brigade West reported a calm situation yesterday and overnight. Yesterday evening, personnel from the Spanish Guardia Civil followed a reported stolen car and later searched the house of the driver in Durakovac, 10 km north-east of Pec. KFOR troops confiscated one AK-47 rifle and one hand grenade and the driver was arrested.

In a separate intervention later in the evening, personnel manning a vehicle checkpoint north-west of Dakovica confiscated one pistol.

Yesterday afternoon in Multinational Brigade North, a grenade was thrown at a French KFOR light armoured vehicle in Duovac, 7 km south-west of Vucitrn. No damage or casualties were reported and the area was cordoned off and searched. Investigations are ongoing.

Multinational Brigade South reported no significant incident for the last 24 hours.

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