Updated: 10 November 1999 KFOR Press Updates


9 Nov. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

The Serb church in Gornja Zakut, 10 km North of Podujevo, Multinational Brigade Centre, was burnt down yesterday night. This seems to be a well-planned action, conducted by criminal elements. The barbed wire around the building was cut, and the door had been forcibly opened. This church was guarded by KFOR round the clock until recently. In order to free capacity for other pressing duties, the church was now patrolled on a regular basis. A KFOR patrol left the church at 02:30 hours, and when the next patrol appeared at 07:00 hrs, they found the church being burnt to the ground.

A 75 year-old woman was found dead in her house in Dakovica, Multinational Brigade West, yesterday at 18:45 hrs. The cause of death appears to be stab wounds to her neck, and the initial assessment is that the woman was murdered as a result of a robbery.

A tragic incident happened in Pec around midnight yesterday. A 13 year-old Kosovo Albanian girl was accidentally shot while she was playing with her brother with an old rifle. She was taken to the Italian Field Hospital in Pec, where she died of the injuries.

A 2 1/2 year old girl was brought to Camp Bondsteel, Multinational Brigade East, yesterday, with burns on 15% of her body. She is currently undergoing treatment on the 67th Combat Support Hospital.

A Kosovo Albanian man voluntarily turned in a pistol and ammunition to KFOR soldiers in Vitina yesterday afternoon. The weapons amnesty for Kosovo is still valid, and everybody in possession of illegal weapons are encouraged to hand them in. No questions will be asked, and no prosecution will be done.

KFOR soldiers from the Polish battalion observed an anti-tank mine explosion near Klobocica yesterday. The mine was apparently set off by a horse or a cow.

In Lesak, Multinational Brigade North, near the Serbian boundary, 80 women conducted a peaceful demonstration yesterday to show their dissatisfaction with the distribution of humanitarian aid by the Serbian Red Cross in the area. The women claim that most of the supplies actually have been sold in Serbia, rather than being delivered to the people in need.

Two men tried to cross the border illegally at a border crossing point near Vrbnica, Multinational Brigade South, yesterday at 13:30 hrs. KFOR soldiers fired warning shots, and the men returned to Albania.

A Dutch KFOR soldier was injured when he was caught between two cars yesterday at 13:30 in Suva Reka. He suffered several broken bones, and was evacuated to the Field Hospital in Prizren, where he is in stable condition.

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