Updated: 10 November 1999 KFOR Press Updates


6 Nov. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

The railway bridge that crosses the Ibar river in Mitrovica, Multinational Brigade North, was damaged yesterday night at around 21:00 when an explosive charge located on the southeastern pillar of the bridge was set off. The southbound train from Leposavic, due to pass over the bridge at 23:00, was stopped by KFOR troops at a safe distance from the bridge and sent back to Zvecan, where food, water and blankets were been distributed to the 385 passengers. Immediately after the explosion, the bridge was cordoned off by KFOR troops. They were then reinforced to secure the area. For the time being, the bridge can not be used by trains, but pedestrians can cross. KFOR will conduct a full investigation today.

At 19:30 hrs yesterday, 4 km west of Mitrovica, in Multinational Brigade North, on the road to Zubin Potok, a sniper targeted a car and the driver was killed. The passenger in the car drove the car back to Mitrovica to ask for help. The UNMIK police are currently investigating.

A KFOR patrol escorting Serbs from the town of Pasjane, in Multinational Brigade East, inadvertently crossed the boundary with Serbia yesterday at 08:45 hrs. Serb personnel approached the patrol. They made them aware of their mistake, they were then told that they should return to Kosovo. There was no confrontation, and the soldiers returned safely. KFOR has apologized to the VJ authorities for the incursion.

A farmer found a mine in a hay ball in Drajkowce yesterday at 11:00 hrs. The mine was armed and set to go off. KFOR Military Police and an explosive ordnance disposal team were tasked to deal with the mine.

A road traffic accident occurred between Orasje and Gorazdevac, yesterday at 13:30 hrs, involving a KFOR truck and a civilian car. There were no injuries.

Two German soldiers in a guard post on the boundary between Kosovo and Albania, 15 km west of Prizren, in Multinational Brigade South, were shot at yesterday at 16:30 hrs. The bullets hit the ground 100 meters northwest of the guard position, the soldiers returned fire. A man, suspected of firing the shots, has been arrested, and the investigation is ongoing.

Shots were heard from a house in Dakovica at 14:30 yesterday. KFOR troops searched the house, and two rifles were found and confiscated. Two men were identified and then released.
A man tried to cross the border from Albania to Kosovo at a border crossing point near Prizren, in Multinational Brigade South, yesterday at 08:45 hrs. The man returned to Albania after a warning shot was fired.

A peaceful demonstration took place in Prizren at 13:00 hrs yesterday, when 250 people demonstrated against the alleged detention of Kosovo Albanians in Serbia. The crowd dispersed without incident at 14:00 hrs.

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