Updated: 3 November 1999 KFOR Press Updates


2 Nov. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

The security situation in Kosovo remained stable and quiet overnight. Unfortunately, there were several outbursts of violence in Kosovo yesterday. In Dobrcane, Multinational Brigade East, a 65 year-old Serb man was dragged out of his car, brutally attacked and subsequently shot dead. In Dakovica, Multinational Brigade West, a 69-year-old Albanian man was killed after being shot several times with an AK 47 assault rifle. Two other persons were injured, one of them seriously. UNMIK Police and KFOR Military Police are investigating these brutal attacks on innocent civilians.


KFOR soldiers yesterday confiscated a grenade from a member of the provisional KPC guarding the former UCK assembly site in Rasince, Multinational Brigade Centre, 10 kilometers south-west of Lipljan.

A person in a civilian car fired several shots yesterday night in the Pristina area. Despite quick action of KFOR units, the vehicle and its occupants managed to escape.

In Dakovica, Multinational Brigade West, yesterday at 20:45 hrs, three individuals launched two hand grenades against a provisional KPC building. Nobody inside the building was injured, and KFOR Military Police are investigating the incident.

Yesterday afternoon, Spanish MP arrested three former UCK members for looting in Zoclucane, 5 km north west of Klina. The men were in possession of five rifles, three hand grenades and 1200 rounds of ammunition. The weapons were confiscated and the men arrested.

At the Kulina border crossing point yesterday at 21:20, KFOR troops stopped an Albanian man and confiscated one pistol and two magazines. The man was identified and then released.

A deserted Serb house was set on fire in Banja, 10 kilometers south-west of Istok, yesterday at16:30 hrs.. KFOR troops extinguished the fire.

A road traffic accident occurred yesterday at 09:20 hrs between a Dutch KFOR vehicle and a civilian car, 5 kilometers northwest of Kacanic, Multinational Brigade East. The civilian was injured and brought to hospital in Pristina.

KFOR soldiers confiscated a pistol, ammunition and a baton from a civilian yesterday at 22:45 hrs. The person was detained.

Yesterday at 07:45 hrs in Orahovac, Multinational Brigade South, two Albanian men broke in to an Albanian house after they shot through a door. The weapon and ammunition were confiscated, and the men were detained for questioning, and later released. Nobody was injured in the incident.

Two men were arrested after having tried to illegally cross the border from Kosovo to Albania at Morina yesterday at 16:20 hrs. The men were handed over to German Military Police.

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