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1 Nov. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

As you probably have heard by now, Mr Momcilo Trajkovic, the president of the Kosovo Serb Resistance Movement, was shot in his apartment in Pristina late last night. However, I'm happy to inform you that Mr Trajkovic seems to be only slightly wounded, and that he soon will recover from the incident.

Mr Trajkovic's apartment in Pristina is guarded on a 24-hour basis by KFOR. Yesterday night, however, Mr Trajkovic did not want KFOR protection for personal reasons. And even though we have great concerns for Mr Trajkovic's security, we also respect his wishes for privacy. Still, KFOR patrols were checking his flat intermittently during the evening.

At 22:35 hrs, mr Trajkovic called the KFOR unit in the building and requested medical assistance. Within minutes, soldiers and medical assistance arrived, and found that he was shot by a small caliber weapon in his upper right thigh. Mr Trajkovic himself opened the door for the soldiers, and appeared calm and composed. He was taken to Kosovo Polje Civilian hospital and treated there. UNMIK Police are investigating this incident, and all further inquiries should be referred to them.

It is regrettable, that a Serb again has become a victim of a criminal attack in Kosovo. This time it was mr Trajkovic, a highly respected member of the Serb community in Kosovo, and actually one of their leaders, who became the target of a criminal and cowardly attack. Political violence of this kind is totally unacceptable. Terrorism and harassment against minorities must come to an end.

NATO and KFOR came to Kosovo to stop mr Milosevic's violence against Kosovar Albanians - and we achieved this. But we did not come here to allow the reverse of the ethnic cleansing, now directed against non-Albanian ethnic groups.

In Lipljan, Multinational Brigade Centre, the Serbs set up a roadblock yesterday early in the afternoon to protest against several incidents in Lipljan during the past few days. KFOR troops dealt with the protesters and the blockade was left shortly after, without incident.

A mine was found inside a school at Kosovo Polje yesterday. Troops from the Norwegian Telemark Battalion are defusing the ordnance.

In Multinational Brigade South, six unoccupied Serb houses were set on fire early in the morning in Staikovce,

In Orahovac, a hand grenade was found near the market place yesterday morning. An explosive ordnance explosive team was sent on the scene and removed the grenade.

While looking for firewood, a farmer discovered weapons and yesterday afternoon in Mamusa. KFOR troops have been notified and found one combat knife, on assault rifle with four magazines, one machine gun with its magazine, as well as more than 200 rounds of ammunitions. The items have been removed and will be destroyed.

A bomb was found in the former Belgrade Bank building in Prizren; it was defused and disposed by KFOR troops at 2100 hours yesterday.

In KULINA, Multinational Brigade West, a man carrying a pistol was stopped at a KFOR checkpoint at 06:00 hrs. The weapon was confiscated and the man released after identification.

During a routine patrol yesterday morning, KFOR troops found some burned human bones in an abandoned house 7 kilometers North West of Klina. An investigation is ongoing.

In Multinational Brigade North, KFOR troops conducted a house search operation in Svinjare, yesterday from 05:00 hrs to 09:40 hrs. The search in three Albanian houses and one Serb house resulted in the seizure of one rifle, one machine gun, four magazines, and several boxes of ammunitions. Two Albanians and one Serb have been arrested by KFOR and handed over to UNMIK police for investigations.

Yesterday at 1000, ten Albanians crossed one of the bridges in Mitrovica and clashed with Serbs. The confrontation was stopped by the intervention of UNMIK police and KFOR troops. As a result of the clash, one Albanian was slightly injured. He was treated by a KFOR military doctor and handed over to UNMIK police.

In Multinational Brigade East, several explosive devices were found during routine patrolling in the last 24 hours:

  • At 0851, a patrol found a fragmentary grenade under a bridge in Vitina.
  • At 1655, an unidentified explosive device was found in a ditch beside the road 2km north of Zegra.
  • At 1657, six TM 500 AP mines and one Prom AP mine were found in a Vitina high school.

In all the cases, the site were marked and secured and EOD teams notified

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