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31 Oct. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

A German staff sergeant with KFOR was killed in a road traffic accident yesterday after-noon, when a jeep overturned in Grncare, Multinational Brigade South. The vehicle slid down an embankment while on a reconnaissance mission 3 km east of Prizren. Three other soldiers in the jeep were not injured.

In Prizren, three Serb houses were set on fire and burnt yesterday early in the afternoon. No injuries have been reported. KFOR are investigating these incidents.

A Bosnian man working for a civilian mine clearing team was injured yesterday afternoon when he hit an anti-personnel mine near Cajdrak, 9 kilometers north east from Suva Reka. The man was evacuated by a KFOR helicopter to a hospital in Skopje where he is listed in a stable condition.

Three persons were wounded and taken to hospital in Kosovo Polje yesterday after being injured in a drive-by shooting incident in Lipljan, Multinational Brigade Centre, yester-day at 20:45 hrs. UNMIK Police are investigating.

During a house search conducted by KFOR troops in Pristina yesterday, a rifle, a subma-chine gun and two grenades were found, along with training explosives and training deto-nators.

Two civilians were brought to hospital yesterday afternoon after a shooting incident in Pozderka, north of Pristina. KFOR soldiers confiscated three rifles and an amount of money. UNMIK Police are investigating.

A pistol was confiscated yesterday in the village of Muzicane. In addition, a weapon and ammunition was voluntarily handed in to KFOR soldiers from the Norwegian Telemark Battalion.

In Urosevac, Multinational Brigade East, last night, two Albanian men were arrested af-ter a KFOR patrol saw them breaking into a store and leaving with cigarettes. The two men have been brought to Camp Bondsteel for questioning.

Yesterday morning, an Albanian man was arrested in Sopotnica by a KFOR patrol in pos-session of a pistol and some ammunition. The items have been confiscated and the man was brought to Camp Bondsteel.

The investigation of the shooting in Mogila, where a man was wounded twice with a pistol three days ago, has lead to the confiscation of one AK-47 assault rifle, an old style RPG launcher, ammunition and two grenades. A woman was arrested.

In Kamenica, Multinational Brigade West, several weapons were confiscated yesterday in a house search operation: Two AK 47 assault rifles, two other rifles and ammunition. Two Albanian men have been arrested. At 22:30 hrs in Drenje, a car was stopped and three rifles, five hand grenades and ammunition was confiscated. At 06:00 hrs in Klina, a man was arrested and his pistol confiscated. The man was later released.

Soon, KFOR troops will conduct a number of military training exercises. These exercises are of a normal routine nature and are necessary to maintain the operational efficiency of our forces.

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