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30 Oct. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

KFOR enjoys a good relationship with the news media. Now and then, unfortunately, we see inaccurate or straight out false reports in the media about KFOR activities and operations. Thursday, the TANJUG news agency reported an alleged attack on a refugee convoy protected by US KFOR soldiers. According to the TANJUG article, the civilian vehicles in the convoy were attacked, and the soldiers only watched the incident, doing nothing but laughing. KFOR investigates such allegations very thoroughly, and we can with full confidence say that such an incident never took place. In KFOR, we follow an open and transparent policy towards the press. Any media in doubt about facts related to KFOR and our operations in Kosovo, are welcome to contact the KFOR Press Centers and Media Officers at any time, and they can be sure that they will be provided with accurate and timely information.

300 Serbs gathered in a peaceful demonstration in Leposavic, Multinational Brigade North, yesterday at 13:00 hrs. The demonstrators protested against the alleged abduction of people from their community and the removal of a roadblock in the village of Dren on Thursday.

Yesterday evening, KFOR soldiers from the Norwegian Telemark Battalion in Obilic, Multinational Brigade Center, reported a man suffering from a heart attack. On investigation, it transpired that the man had been beaten and shot after finding his car being broken into. The man subsequently died after being transported to medical facilities.

In Vitina, Multinational Brigade East, a Serb man was injured in a drive-by shooting yesterday at 18:30 hrs. The man is in stable condition in the medical facility at Camp Bondsteel.

The body of a woman, about 50 to 60 years old, was found by Polish KFOR soldiers in Orlocevo, 4 kilometers west of Strpce yesterday afternoon. She appeared to have been stabbed and shot in the head.

A Serb man was assaulted by six Albanian men near Vrbestica at approximately 16:45 hours yesterday. He was severely beaten with sticks and is now being treated in the Strpce hospital.

Two anti-tank mines, two anti-personnel mines and one booby-trap were found 4 kilometers south of Vitina yesterday. Explosive ordnance disposal teams removed and disposed of the ordnance.

An explosion was heard in Gnjilane yesterday at 21:15 hours. A grenade was thrown in an open area, and no damages were found.

KFOR troops yesterday provided security for 300 Croats moving from the village of Letnica to Skopje. KFOR escorted the Croats to the FYROM border, where the group crossed safely at 20:00 hrs. KFOR regrets that the people of Letnica have decided to leave Kosovo, but respect their wishes.

Nine Italian KFOR soldiers were slightly injured yesterday at 11:00 hrs when an Italian vehicle overturned one kilometer west of Decane, Multinational Brigade West. Three of the soldiers were evacuated to medical facilities in FYROM for further examination. Investigations on this incident are ongoing.

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