Updated: 28 October 1999 KFOR/UNMIK Press Releases


27 Oct. 1999

KFOR and UNMIK strongly condemn
attack on convoy

In Peja/Pec this afternoon, 15 Serbs were slightly injured when a KFOR escorted UNHCR convoy was stopped and attacked by Albanians blocking the road.

The convoy was traveling from Orahovac to the Montenegro border, and consisted of 3 buses and 14 cars, with a total of 155 Serb men, women and children on board. On their way to the border, 8 cars got separated from the convoy and drove outside the planned convoy route, through the city of Peja/Pec. In the center of the town, the cars were stopped by Albanians blocking the road. A crowd of around 1500 Albanians gathered, and the vehicles were attacked and set on fire. 34 of the passengers were given shelter inside the Italian Military Police detachment in Peja/Pec. 15 of them were slightly injured. KFOR has now cleared the road blockade and the crowd has dispersed. Most of the travelers are now in Montenegro and only a few of them will remain under medical observation overnight.

COMKFOR, General Dr Reinhardt and Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Dr Kouchner, strongly condemn this brutal attack on a humanitarian convoy of civilians. KFOR and UNMIK cannot tolerate blockades that deny the citizens of Kosovo their fundamental and democratic rights of freedom of movement and will make every effort to bring those responsible to justice.

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