Updated: 27 October 1999 KFOR Press Updates


27 Oct. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

Good morning.

Today, I would like to start by giving you a brief summary of the incident where three Yugoslav Army soldiers were arrested by KFOR. This happened late Monday evening, when the three soldiers showed up at a checkpoint in Kociste, near the Montenegrin border. The soldiers arrived at the border crossing point by foot, they were lightly armed and showed a friendly attitude. They were arrested, disarmed and then taken to Pec by KFOR soldiers for questioning. Yesterday, at 14:00 hrs the soldiers were taken to a pre-arranged transfer point where they were released. We do not look upon this as a hostile act, rather as an unintentional mistake by a small group of soldiers. Nobody should be in doubt, however, that KFOR is monitoring the boundary between Kosovo and FRY very closely, and that we have the ability and intent to meet any challenge to Kosovo's security.

Secondly, we expect the commercial air traffic to and from Pristina Airport to be resumed today. This has taken somewhat longer than expected, but we are happy that air traffic now is allowed to transit into Kosovo through Macedonian airspace. Today's traffic is dependent on the weather conditions.

This morning, the Greek Force Support Brigade will provide three 3.5 ton covered trucks and two low loading trucks with a total capacity of 60 tons to carry winterization supplies, timber, plastic sheets, nails, hammers etc from Pristina Airport to Rastanica, 15 km south of Pec.

In Kosovo Polje, Multinational Brigade Centre, A KFOR soldier from the Norwegian Telemark battalion was hit by a civilian car yesterday evening at 21:30 hrs. He was evacuated to Lipljane hospital with minor cuts and bruises, and was last reported to be in good condition.

During a routine patrol, KFOR Military Police stopped three men near Laplje Selo, 7 kilometres south of Pristina. One of them was carrying a pistol, which was confiscated. The man has been arrested and UNMIK Police is handling the case.

In Multinational Brigade South yesterday afternoon, a traffic accident occurred when a KFOR vehicle turned over for an unknown reason near Grncare, 2 kilometres east of Prizren. Among the three passengers of the truck, only one suffers minor injuries. Military Police are investigating.

In Multinational Brigade East last night, an Albanian man was arrested by KFOR troops while carrying an automatic rifle without proper authorisation card. The weapon has been confiscated and the man taken to Camp Bondsteel for questioning.

A KFOR team conducting an investigation related to a murder found one rocket launcher and two grenades in Mogila, yesterday early in the afternoon. The weapons have been confiscated and will be destroyed.

A KFOR patrol found two bodies yesterday afternoon in Jabucani, 4 km west of Gnjilane. The corpses appear to have been on the site for approximately two months, and it was not possible to determine the cause of the death and the ethnicity of the victims. An investigation by the Criminal Investigation Department is ongoing.

Two unoccupied Serb houses were set on fire this night in Urosevac. The local fire department was sent to the scene, but did not manage to rescue the houses.

In Multinational Brigade West, the non-governmental organization "Rock No War" has donated equipment to a kindergarten in Pec. KFOR troops from the Italian 183. Parachute regiment has assisted in setting up the equipment.

Yesterday at 22:00 hrs, French KFOR troops searched a house in Mitrovica, Multinational Brigade North, after hearing automatic gunshot fire. One rifle and ammunition was confiscated.

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