Updated: 26 October 1999 KFOR Press Updates


26 Oct. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

Yesterday, a former UCK member assisted KFOR troops in finding two ammunition storage sites in Multinational Brigade West, 15 kilometers northwest of Dakovica. The sites contained 148 mortar bombs, 174 fuses, 150 propelling charges and four hand grenades. The ammunition was taken to the Riznic Weapon Secure Storage Site and will be destroyed. KFOR welcomes and encourages this voluntarily handover of ammunition, which will contribute to the peace and stability of this region. However, KFOR still see acts of non-compliance from single members of the former UCK. Yesterday, a member of the provisional Kosovo Protection Corps was arrested in Urosevac, carrying a rifle. Carrying weapons without a matching Weapons Authority Card and the wearing of the former UCK's insignias and patches by members of the provisional KPC is not allowed, and such acts of non-compliance will not be tolerated by KFOR.

In Kociste, Multinational Brigade West, KFOR soldiers arrested three armed VJ soldiers in uniform at 22:50 yesterday. The VJ soldiers appeared at the border crossing point in Kociste. They were disarmed and brought to Pec by Military Police.

The bodies of two men, around 35 years old, and one woman, around 60 years old, were found yesterday afternoon, west of Pordojevo near Gornja Lapastica, Multinational Brigade Centre. The bodies had gunshots to their neck, head and chest. The ethnicity of the victims is unknown. Royal Military Police and UNMIK police are investigating.

In Kosovo Polje, a Russian soldier was injured when he fell in front of a KFOR vehicle yesterday evening at 21:00 hrs. The soldier was evacuated to the Russian hospital in stable condition. Military Police are investigating.

In Plementina, about 100 Serbs gathered around the town' s school early in the afternoon to protest against the temporary closure of the facility. The demonstration ended peacefully at 16:00 hrs.

Three men were stopped in a vehicle and 1 pistol was confiscated by Swedish KFOR troops last night, 5 km north of Lipljane. The persons were handed over to UNMIK police.

In Multinational Brigade North, an Albanian man was arrested in Mitrovica carrying a pistol yesterday at 23:30. The weapon has been confiscated and the man transferred to UNMIK Police custody.

Three dead Albanian men were found in Sepoinica, Multinational Brigade East, in the afternoon, by a KFOR patrol. The men were apparently working with explosives when a detonation occurred, KFOR soldiers found UKC member cards on two of the bodies. An investigation is ongoing.

Last week, Russian KFOR soldiers gave medical treatment to 56 people in their area of responsibility, and also provided 2,100 rations of food to patients in the Malisevo Hospital. Russian KFOR troops are also participating in rebuilding projects in the villages of Crnovrane, Landrovce and Crnilug.

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