Updated: 25 October 1999 KFOR Press Updates


24 Oct. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

The reoccurring house fires, especially in the area of Multinational Brigade South, where a total of 7 such fires has occurred during the last 24 hours, gives reason for concern. KFOR is intensifying its effort to stop these unacceptable criminal acts, and COMKFOR is determined that every single housefire will be properly investigated, and the arsonists prosecuted.

In Multinational Brigade North, a KFOR patrol conducted a search operation at the battery factory, south of Mitrovica. They found two pistols, three AK-47 magazines and one hand grenade. Additional searches led to the confiscation of ammunitions and pistol magazines.

KFOR soldiers from the brigade have provided vehicles to transport wood to the village of Vidomeric, as a part of the winterization programme. The village is inaccessible for civilian trucks. KFOR troops have also been distributing clothes to the village of Bosljane. Furthermore, soldiers from the brigade have conducted mine awareness lessons for 40 school children and 10 adults in the village of Cubrelj.

During three distinct interventions, KFOR troops arrested two looters in the vicinity of Prizren, Multinational Brigade South, and 8 others in the villages of Sredska and Pejcici, both located 10 km south-east of Prizren. They have been taken to the detention facility in Prizren, and the Military Police are investigating the cases.

At 20:00 hrs Canadian KFOR troops reported a fire in the old hospital of the former VJ barracks in the northern part of Pristina, Multinational Brigade Center. The civilian fire brigade extinguished the fire.

At 23:50 hrs in Pristina, the Norwegian Telemark Battalion reported an arson attack on an Albanian house. KFOR troops extinguished the fire, and UNMIK Police are conducting investigations.

Following reports from the Telemark Battalion on several gunshots north of Pristina yesterday night at 00:40, two cars were stopped in Pristina at 01:05 hrs. Two people are detained by UNMIK police.

A 62 year-old Albanian man lost his foot in a mine accident near the Deneral Jankovic Border Crossing Point, Multinational Brigade East, yesterday at 14:00 hrs. The man apparently stepped into a known minefield to retrieve some of his livestock. He was evacuated to the US KFOR hospital facility at Camp Bondsteel.

Yesterday at 23:45 hrs, two anti-tank mines and two antipersonnel mines were confiscated during a KFOR search operation in an old assembly area for the former UCK in Rezance, in the southern part of the brigade area of responsibility. Two individuals in the vicinity were detained for questioning.

Two Albanians, believed to be in possession of narcotics, were arrested by KFOR Military Police this night at 01:10 hrs in Urosevac. The suspects were taken to Camp Bondsteel for questioning.

The Italian 11th artillery regiment has distributed food to 186 families in Gorazdevac, Multinational Brigade West, the last couple of days. This is a Serb village near Pec guarded by KFOR.

Two AK 47 rifles, two magazines, 25 rounds of ammunition and one pistol were confiscated in a KFOR search operation in a restaurant in Dakovica this night at 00:30 hrs. This was a planned search operation and a part of KFOR's ongoing effort on dealing with illegal weapons in Kosovo.

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