Updated: 22 October 1999 KFOR Press Releases


21 Oct. 1999

Visit of the new Secretary General of NATO and the members of the North Atlantic Council (NAC)


On Friday, 22nd October 1999, the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the Right Honorable Lord Robertson, and the Permanent Representatives of the 19 Alliance Nations, will visit Kosovo. During the visit they will be accompanied by the Chairman of the Military Committee, Admiral Venturoni and the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Wesley Clark.

This visit will be an opportunity for these NATO decision-makers to meet the Special Representative of the Secretary General, Dr. Kouchner, Commander KFOR General Dr. Reinhardt, Kosovo community leaders from all ethnic background and officials in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

This will be the first visit of NATO Secretary General in Kosovo since his recent appointment as head of the North Atlantic Alliance. This visit will allow him, as well as NAC members, to assess the overall security situation in Kosovo and to obtain first hand information on key issues.

The North Atlantic Council is a unique forum for wide-ranging consultation between member governments on all issues affecting their security and is the most important decision-making body in NATO. This visit clearly demonstrate the interest that NATO members pay the people of Kosovo and the KFOR mission stood up four months ago to provide a security presence in the province.

A press conference will be held at KFOR HQ Main, Pristina, on Friday, October 22nd , 1999, from 1215 to 1230LT, or if bad weather demands, the press conference will take place from 1420 to 1445LT at the same location.

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