Updated: 7 October 1999 KFOR Press Updates


7 Oct. 1999

KFOR Press Statement

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesperson

The situation was relatively calm in Kosovo over the last 24 hours and several law and order operations ended with very positive results.

Yesterday at 23:00 hrs in Dokovica, in Multinational Brigade West, Military Police were called to investigate a grenade incident during which one Roma woman was killed and another seriously injured in their apartment.

A successful search operation was conducted in Dobrusa, 10 km north-east of Pec, where a patrol confiscated one musket, one sniper rifle, one machine gun and 600 rounds of ammunition from an Albanian man, who is detained for questioning.

The brigade is still involved in many construction projects in support of the local population. Engineers are currently rebuilding the roof of an orphanage in Prekale, 10 km north-east of Pec, and the logistics battalion is helping a Danish non-governmental organization called Refugee Council in the distribution of material for building-up roofs in damaged houses in Mala Jablanica (10 km north of Pec) and Drelje (15 km northwest of Pec).

Yesterday near Stimlje, in the southern area of Multinational Brigade Centre, a grenade was thrown in the yard of a Serb house, but failed to explode. An explosive ordnance disposal team cleared the site and the incident is currently under investigation by UNMIK Police.

In Cuculjaja, a 25 year-old woman was reported kidnapped yesterday and an investigation is being conducted by UNMIK police.

Two Serb men were slightly wounded yesterday evening in Vitina, in Multinational Brigade East, when someone threw an explosive device into a restaurant. Military Police conducted a search in the area but have found no suspects.

A very successful search operation was conducted yesterday in the area of Korentin, a few kilometers south of Kosovska Kamenica. A stolen vehicle with three Kosovo Albanians was stopped and searched by a joint U.S. and Russian patrol, and two pounds of drugs were found. Three other Albanians that came to took for the three were searched. They were in possession of a counterfeit $100 bill. All six individuals were arrested and follow up searches related to this case allowed the confiscation of two rifles and one pistol.

Shortly after midnight, in Vitina, two Albanians were arrested for curfew violation at a checkpoint manned by soldiers from the 1-7 Field Artillery Battalion. One of them was in possession of 14,000 DM. The two men are detained for questioning.

Yesterday at 10:00 hrs in Prizren, in Multinational Brigade South, three individuals stabbed a Roma man, who suffered multiple injuries. The man was brought to the civilian hospital in Prizren. This cowardly attack is currently under investigation.

The body of a 50 year-old Albanian man reported missing the day before has been found near Suva Reka yesterday morning. He has been killed by a gunshot and Military Police are investigating this murder.

In two separate incidents yesterday, Multinational Brigade South patrols fired warning shots near the Albanian border in order to prevent illegal entries into Kosovo. Similar attempts are frequent and unfortunately very dangerous for both perpetrators and KFOR patrols due to the presence of mines in the border areas.

For the next three weeks, brigade engineers from the German Armored Engineering Battalion will conduct road repairs during the night in the area of Prizren. From 23:00 hrs to 05:00 hrs in the morning, these KFOR troops will work hard to improve quality of life for all in the region. This project will involve the use 400 tons of construction material.

In Multinational Brigade North, the situation was calm yesterday, including in Mitrovica where recent tensions seem to decrease gradually. A Serb girl was slightly injured yesterday afternoon in Suvido, near Mitrovica, when 10 young Albanians threw stones at a bus.

Starting on Friday October 8th, on a weekly basis, a humanitarian shipment including clothing, food and essential goods will be provided by KFOR French troops to the Albanian population of the Suvido district. Also, free medical care will be offered. Sixty consultations per day are planned and 347 Albanian families living in the area will benefit from this service.

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