Updated: 4 October 1999 KFOR Press Updates


3 Oct. 1999

KFOR Press Statement

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesperson

The overall security situation in Kosovo remained relatively calm once again over the last 24 hours. Although some road blocks are still causing concerns in Kosovo Polje, Orahovac and Strepce, the level of violence has remained steady and several security operations resulted in encouraging weapon confiscation and arrests.

In Multinational Brigade West yesterday at 12:20 hrs, two men were arrested for conducting an illegal checkpoint a few kilometers west of Pec. KFOR and UNMIK Police are the only legitimate authorities allowed to enforce law and order. Illegal checkpoints or policing activity will not be tolerated.

Yesterday evening, two Bosnian Muslim men were shot through a window in their home in the western part of Pec and one of them died. The other suffered wounds and was evacuated to Pec hospital. The Military Police is conducting an investigation.

The brigade conducted a successful search at a former UCK building in Dakovica between 09:25 hrs and 13:30 hrs yesterday. KFOR troops confiscated one 60mm mortar round, three rifles, three muskets, one pistol, ten rifle grenades, one anti-tank rocket, three hand grenades and one 30mm gun. Although the station did not appear to be active at the time of the search, an investigation is underway to determine if illegal activities were conducted from this location.

The brigade reports that numerous local citizens are attending KFOR medical facilities in its area. In Gorazdevac, seven civilians were given medical assistance by the Artillery Battalion. Additionally, the Italian field hospital in Istok, along with the Spanish field hospital in Pec, provide care to local civilians.

KFOR troops confiscated several weapons during two separate searches conducted yesterday in Orahovac and Prizren, in Multinational Brigade South. Altogether, they confiscated two sub-machine guns, five AK-47s, three rifles, seven pistols, three rifles-grenades, twelve hand-grenades and a quantity of ammunition. Six people were detained for questioning and investigations are ongoing.

In Multinational Brigade Centre yesterday evening, a grenade was thrown at a petrol station in the southern suburbs of Pristina. No casualties were reported. Additionally, a KFOR explosive ordnance disposal team carried out a controlled explosion of a grenade thrown at a Roma house in Pristina in late evening yesterday. KFOR is pursuing its efforts to support UNMIK Police in the area and to provide a robust military presence and valuable expertise whenever required.

Over the last two days, three road traffic accidents involving KFOR tanks occurred in Multinational Brigade East, including one that claimed the life of a 30 year-old Albanian man late evening Friday. The population should be reminded that heavyweight military vehicles should not be overtaken without leaving sufficient space between the vehicles. Most heavyweight vehicles require long breaking distances to make a stop.

During a successful house search conducted yesterday in Cernica, KFOR troops confiscated three rifles, including two sniper rifles. Three Albanian men have been detained in connection with the confiscation.

In the brigade, the UNHCR requested KFOR assistance to clear public buildings, in order to shelter internally displaced people before the winter. KFOR will also vacate the gymnasium in Gnilajne in order to contribute to this effort.

Multinational Brigade North reported a calm situation with only sporadic shots heard around Mitrovica in the evening.

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