Updated: 7 October 1999 KFOR Press Updates


2 Oct. 1999

KFOR Press Statement

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesperson

The situation in Kosovo remains stable and relatively quiet. In addition to core security missions, all brigades are actively involved in a variety of engineering projects, including mine clearing, road and infrastructure repairs, and winterization of damaged houses.


A regrettable accident occurred yesterday afternoon near the village of Pozaranje, in Multinational Brigade East, when a parachute failure caused the death of an American soldier participating in exercise Rapid Guardian. We wish to thank all those who expressed their condolences.

Last night at 01:45hrs in Pristina, in Multinational Brigade Centre, a grenade or improvised explosive device was thrown at a civilian car. A woman and two children suffered shock injuries and were taken to Pristina Hospital. UNMIK Police has taken over the investigation and the search for the perpetrator.

Also in Pristina, an anti-tank mine was found during a night search in an unoccupied building. A KFOR explosive ordnance team was tasked to clear the building in order to prevent civilian casualties.

In Poduevo last night at 01:23 hrs, an Albanian man driving in a car was stabbed by his passenger, who then fled with the vehicle. The driver suffered cuts wounds and was evacuated to hospital by KFOR troops. Military Police are investigating this case.

Yesterday morning a Canadian tactical helicopter struck power lines while conducting a low-altitude patrolling mission 12 km north-west of Pristina. The helicopter landed safely despite some damage.

The brigade is pursuing shelter kits distribution in support CARE and Islamic Relief in the village of Vucak, 5 km south-west of Glogovac.

A road traffic accident involving a civilian truck killed two civilian passengers and injured three others yesterday afternoon near Dragas, in Multinational Brigade South. Turkish army troops provided first aid to the casualties and detained the uninjured driver for questioning. This accident is currently under investigation.

Yesterday morning at 08:00 hrs, the local population found the 2 year-old child reported missing hours earlier in the village of Planeja, 10 km west of Prizren.

Over the last month, Russian peacekeepers in Multinational Brigade South confiscated 36 sub-machine guns and 6 pistols, and detained 16 people for several crimes. Russian engineers have disposed of 20 unexploded devices, including 4 bombs, and have extinguished 8 house fires in the area of Malisevo. They also pursued their efforts to provide assistance to the local population, by escorting six refugee convoys and providing medical assistance to 29 Albanians. Joint public works are conducted in the market and entertainment park of Malisevo.

Multinational Brigade North reports sporadic shots heard in central Mitrovica yesterday evening as well as a detonation occurring shortly after midnight in the northern district of the city. These incidents are currently under investigation.

Yesterday, the French Foreign Legion Infantry Battalion completed the destruction of former UCK ammunition stored in the secure weapons storage sites of Plana and Srbica. Most of the ammunition consisted of mines and explosives.

Multinational Brigade West reported no significant incident for the last 24 hours. Brigade troops gave mine awareness lessons to primary and secondary schools in Shtupel and Jashanice te Epreme, conducted roof repairs at the Vitomirica orphanage, and were involved in the removal of rubble from the Pec stadium. They also provided three trucks to non-governmental organizations Prodox and Mother Theresa in order to support the distribution of humanitarian aid.

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