Updated: 30 September 1999 KFOR Press Updates


30 Sept. 1999

KFOR Press Statement

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesperson

Yesterday evening, Commander KFOR met with a Kosovo Polje delegation in order to address the security situation in the area following a grenade attack that claimed the lives of two Serbs on Tuesday. He later accompanied the SRSG to Kosovo Polje, where the both made a public statement. Gen Jackson condemned unreservedly the attack and reiterated that KFOR's mandate is to provide security for all people of Kosovo, including Serb communities. He also confirmed that KFOR has sent reinforcements in the area in order to do the up most to prevent such horrible events to occur again.

KFOR welcomes the release, yesterday evening, of three UNMIK personnel who were held in Serbia since September 28th. The individuals were drove back at a Multinational Brigade North boundary, from where they were let free.

Yesterday at 18:30 hrs near Dacovica, in Multinational Brigade West, a mine blast killed a 14 year-old girl and injured four children who were playing in a field. They were all evacuated to hospital by KFOR troops and an explosive ordnance disposal team was dispatched to clear the area.

The bodies of two Albanians who disappeared on March 25th were discovered in Dudervic, north of Istok. This case is still under investigation and no more information is available at this time.

Four Bosnian men reported that they were beaten yesterday in Pec by a group of Albanians. Military Police are investigating the incident.

Yesterday morning, a Spanish light armoured vehicle rolled over, injuring one Spanish soldier who was treated at the Istok medical facility before being transferred to the civilian hospital in Skopje.

In Multinational Brigade South four unidentified individuals were injured during a hit-and-run accident. German troops provided first aid to the injured, who were brought to Prizren hospital. An investigation is currently underway to track the vehicle.

Yesterday evening, a civilian road traffic accident killed one individual and injured two others near Vucitrn, in Multinational Brigade North. The survivors are being treated at hospitals in Vucitrn and Pristina, and their lives are not in danger.

The brigade is currently participating in the refurbishment of three schools in the area of Mitrovica, including one in Pasoma, one Sipolje and one school for handicapped pupils in downtown Mitrovica. In addition, engineers continue to work on the restoration of the water supply system in Mitrovica. The brigade also reported that the railway between Kosovo Polje and Mitrovica has been repaired and is now reopened. These projects are only a part of the considerable efforts being made in the brigade and elsewhere to make the local population benefit form KFOR's engineering capabilities.

Yesterday afternoon in the area of Pozaranic, in Multinational Brigade East, KFOR air-evacuated six civilians injured during a civilian road traffic accident. Two were transported to U.S. Camp Bondsteel and four to Pristina hospital.

As a result of the recent disappearance of two teachers in the area of Urosevac, two roadblocks were established near Strpce yesterday evening. By coincidence, a number of KFOR vehicles were temporarily in the closed-off area. However, they continued their way at 03:15 hrs without incidents.

KFOR troops were deployed to investigate two explosions heard at Cernica yesterday evening. No injuries were reported and a nearby house was slightly damaged. The detonations are believed have been caused by grenades and the investigation is still in progress.


Media are invited to cover the destruction of ammunition, mines and explosives handed-over from the former UCK. Those interested should be in front of the United Arab Emirates Camp in Vucitrn at 14:30 hrs.


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