Updated: 27 September 1999 KFOR Press Updates


27 Sept. 1999

KFOR Press Statement

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

In all brigades, KFOR soldiers and explosive ordnance disposal teams are actively involved in the marking of cluster bomb unit risk areas, destruction of ammunitions and mine awareness training. Also, the bridge construction program is ongoing. At the Milosevo bridge site, brigade engineers now have started the construction of the new steel bridge, which will open officially at the end of October. Furthermore, work is ongoing at the power stations. At the Kosovo A Power plant, Unit 1 is now running and producing 40 MW of electric power.

The "Train for Life" will arrive at the Teretna Rail Yard south of Kosovo Polje today at 15:00 hrs after having been delayed in FYROM for two days. The FYROM authorities has been asking for 17,000 DM for the through its territory and for other services provided. After negotiations, this situation now seems to have been resolved.

An Albanian man was shot and killed in Pec, Multinational Brigade West, yesterday at 20:50 hrs. KFOR Military Police are investigating.

A man was shot in Dakovica last night. He died while being evacuated to Pec hospital.

Ten Albanian men were arrested for looting yesterday in the village of Sredska, east of Prizren, in Multinational Brigade South. The men were using trucks for emptying flats and houses. They were arrested, and investigation will be conducted by KFOR Military Police.

One guard from the Kosovo Protection Corps was killed and a civilian injured in a shooting incident inside the former UCK headquarters north of Pristina, Multinational Brigade Centre reported yesterday. UNMIK Police will continue the investigation.

Yesterday morning at 09:30 hrs, a search operation was carried out by KFOR in the Bresje Flats, a Serb area in Kosovo Polje. A weapons cache consisting of 4 AK 47s, 4 pistols, 5 rocket-propelled grenades and 100 rounds of ammunition were found and the weapons were confiscated. After the search, approximately 100 Serbs gathered and blocked the traffic on the main road. KFOR and UNMIK Police deployed extra personnel, and at 12:35 hrs the road was reopened.

The barricades in Gracanica were removed yesterday at 13:43 hrs, and traffic is now moving freely. This is a result of the work of the KFOR chaired Security Working Group, and shows the trust the Serb community in the town has placed in KFOR.

Two elderly Serbs were attacked and stabbed near Bresje Flats at Kosovo Polje yesterday at 22:05 hrs. One is in critical condition; the other has multiple stab wounds. Both were evacuated to the clinic in Kosovo Polje and UNMIK Police are investigating.

At 17:00 hrs yesterday, two Albanian men were shot north of Puduevu. One suffered wounds in the shoulder and the other in his hand. They were both brought to hospital in Pristina by civilian ambulance.

An Albanian man was shot in the leg near Patgan, Multinational Brigade North, yesterday. He was recovered by a Danish KFOR patrol and evacuated to Mitrovica Hospital. The man was in possession of an AK-47 rifle, and investigation by KFOR Military Police is ongoing.

Small arms fire and two explosions were heard yesterday 4 km southwest of Gnjilane, Multinational Brigade East, reported yesterday. No damage was found. Additionally, shots were heard in Vitina. A patrol was sent to investigate and a car approached them at high-speed without their headlights on. A search of the car produced one hand grenade. The occupants were transported to the detention center on Camp Bondsteel.

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