Updated: 7 October 1999 KFOR Press Updates


23 Sept. 1999

KFOR Press Statement

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

Yesterday, KFOR experienced two serious accidents, one claiming the life of one KFOR soldier and the other seriously injuring two others. In Dragas, a Turkish soldier was killed yesterday afternoon at 15:00 hrs while trying to defuse a bomblet. One other Turkish soldier was injured and evacuated by helicopter to the German field hospital in Tetovo, Fomer Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. At 14:40 hrs yesterday, a troop of German KFOR soldiers entered a minefield while being on patrol near the Albanian border, 25 km west of Prizren. Two mines exploded, and two soldiers were seriously injured. Three other soldiers received minor injuries. All of them were evacuated by helicopter to the German field hospital in Prizren.

Yesterday, the control of the Kosovar rail network was handed over from the British 79th Rail Squadron to the Italian Railway Regiment, which will operate in Kosovo until March 2000. The railway lines were reopened by British KFOR troops as soon as they entered Kosovo. The railway has become the lifeline of the province, bringing humanitarian aid and military equipment from Greece, despite heavily congested roads and border crossings. The Italian Railway Regiment will repair the damaged lines reaching Peja and Prizren, with the aim of reactivating the whole Kosovo railway network.

The Belgian Ambulance Detachment has so far immunized 255 children against childhood diseases in the Pristina area. The vaccination programme started this Monday.

A Serb man was seriously injured and is in critical condition after a grenade attack in Lipljan, in Multinational Brigade Centre, yesterday afternoon at 18:15 hrs. A Serb woman received minor injuries in her leg. After the incident, a crowd gathered in the city, but later dispersed.

The body of a 50 year-old man, apparently murdered, was found in Pristina by KFOR soldiers yesterday afternoon. UNMIK Police is investigating the incident.

KFOR troops have conducted searches for illegal weapons in Doblibrave, in Multinational Brigade West, and several small arms, grenades and ammunitions have been confiscated.

Yesterday afternoon at 15:00 hrs, KFOR troops responding to a civilian report found a body near the Albanian border, 15 km south of Dakovica. Apparently, the person had been killed by a mine 4 days ago.

Yesterday at 18:40 hrs, in Multinational Brigade East, the bodies of two men were found in a car near Gnjilane. They were identified as a Serb man and his son from the town of Silovo, who were reported missing. KFOR Military Police are investigating.

A dead Albanian man was found southwest of Kamenica with a gunshot wound yesterday at 10:50 hrs. The man went missing the night before. The CID subsequently arrested two Serb men, one of them charged with the murder, the second for weapons violation.

Yesterday at noon, a Greek KFOR soldier was slightly injured when his bulldozer rolled over in the Greek compound in Urosevac. He was taken to hospital, treated and released.

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