Updated: 20 September 1999 KFOR Press Updates


18 Sept. 1999

KFOR Press Statement

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesperson

Today is "K+89" day. This means that tomorrow is "K+90", the day by which the UCK has committed voluntarily to demilitarize. This milestone will also coincide with the start of the forming of the Kosovo Corps, which is a part of the continuing process of UCK transformation along with other venues such as the IOM resettlement program and the Kosovo Police Service.

Approved UCK disbandment parades, ceremonies and memorial services will occur today across the province, including one parade planned for this afternoon in downtown Pristina. Road traffic might be temporarily disrupted at some locations and diversion signs will redirect the traffic around Malisevo, Orahovac and Toplicane.

The situation in Multinational Brigade North remained relatively calm over the last 24 hours. There was, though, a report revealing that the Russian Battalion Headquarters, near the Devic Monastery, was the target of a drive-by shooting on Thursday night at 23:00hrs. No injuries or damage were reported and the incident is currently under investigation.

Military Police conducted a successful search operation yesterday evening in an apartment in south Mitrovica. They confiscated six submachine guns, two bayonets, two combat knives, two protective masks and one night vision device. A separate search in the same area allowed confiscating seven grenades, six anti-personnel mines, several loaded magazines and gas masks. No arrests have been reported for the moment and the brigade continues its efforts to increase stability and security in this area.

Yesterday in the northern part of Mitrovica, a civilian car passing through a checkpoint hit a French soldier, who fortunately only suffered bruises. The driver is now detained for questioning by the French Gendarmerie.

In Multinational Brigade Centre shortly after midnight, a taxi with one passenger was hijacked in Pristina and forced to drive to Ajvalija. The passenger was shot and killed and the driver managed to escape. A Special investigation unit conducted a preliminary investigation at the scene before turning the case over to the UNMIK Police. Another incident involving the stabbing and killing of an unidentified man in Pristina is currently under investigation by the UNMIK Police.

Seven men were arrested yesterday evening following a bar brawl near Magura, in the southern area of the brigade. One hand grenade was recovered from one of the arrested men. In a separate incident, one man was arrested and two pistols confiscated after a single shot was fired in Pristina. The case has been handed over to UNMIK Police.

In Multinational Brigade South yesterday, KFOR troops intervened to administer first aid and evacuate to Prizren hospital a 70 year-old woman who has been assaulted in her apartment in Prizren.

Yesterday evening in Iglarevo, in the eastern part of Multinational Brigade West, KFOR troops were called in to recover the body of an unidentified individual found in the well of a private residence. Military Police are now investigating this case, for which no more information is available at this time.

A patrol stopped and arrested a UCK member in possession of a gun yesterday in Durakovac, 6 km south of Istok. Also, shortly after midnight, a patrol arrested a drunken man who was displaying aggressive behavior 6 km east of Pec.

Yesterday, two children were slightly injured by a mine located near an abandoned VJ military vehicle, 8 km north of Pec. They were brought to the military hospital in Pec.

Yesterday was another relatively quiet day in Multinational Brigade East. Soldiers stationed in Gnjilane reported a peaceful UCK memorial service attended by 20,000 locals. Of note, the U.S. Military Police detained two suspects for breaking and entering last night after the occupant of a private residence in Urosevac called them. The two were discovered still inside the apartment next to a stack of stolen property. Both are currently held in the U.S. detention facility.

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