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16 Sept. 1999

KFOR Press Statement

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

On Wednesday 22 September there will be a football match between a multinational team from KFOR troops and the Pristina Football Club. The kick-off will be at 1500 hours in the Pristina Football Stadium. Parachuters, flown over from England for the occasion, will descend to present the match ball, and a military band will be playing. Among the spectators will be KFOR Commander Mike Jackson, who will also be presenting the trophy - the Pristina Challenge Cup - to the winning team. Every player will receive a medal. KFOR is providing the football kit for both teams. Entrance to the stadium will be free, and the gates open for spectators at 12 o' clock. An area will be set aside for media. KFOR Select will have its last practice match at the stadium on Sunday 19 September at 10 o' clock.

Some units in both Kosovo A and Kosovo B power stations are up and running today. KFOR engineers have been working intensely the last weeks to stabilize the power supply in Kosovo. Routine maintenance on the power plants has not generally been carried out and lack of spare parts has hampered remedial work. As a consequence, some parts of the power stations have not worked for some time.

Events from the last 24 hrs:

In Multinational Brigade Centre, a civilian truck was damaged when an unknown person threw a grenade in Caglavica yesterday evening at 23:35 hrs. There were no casualties. UNMIK Police and KFOR Military Police are conducting the investigation.

Yesterday evening at 20:40 hrs, one Serb man was shot dead and another wounded in an apartment in Gnjilane, in Multinational Brigade East. KFOR Military Police are investigating.

Two road traffic accidents occurred in Multinational Brigade East yesterday, one of them claiming the life of a 6 year-old girl, killed by a civilian vehicle. Near Sabus Stpski, a civilian vehicle was severely damaged when it ran into a Bradley tank yesterday at 21:00 hrs. There were no casualties.

Eight mortar impacts were heard near Gorazdevac, in Multinational Brigade West, yesterday at 22:25 hrs. A KFOR Quick Reaction Force was deployed, and found one crater. There were no reported injuries.

Several weapon seizures was made in Multinational Brigade West yesterday, and rifles, pistols, ammunition and grenades were confiscated.

In Dacovica yesterday, KFOR soldiers stopped two UCK members who were trying to conduct police duties. They were brought back to their assembly area.

Yesterday afternoon at 18:20 hrs, a road traffic accident occurred between a civilian and an armored KFOR vehicle 4 km east of Lozica bridge. Two civilians were injured and taken to hospital in Pec.

In three separate incidents, two unexploded handgrenades and one rifle grenade were found in Mitrovica, in Multinational Brigade North, yesterday evening between 21:00 and 21:30 hrs. KFOR troops cordoned the area, and an explosive ordnance removal team cleared the ordnance.

Three Albanian families returned to their home yesterday in the northern part of Mitrovica with the help of KFOR troops. They had been illegally evicted from their apartments the day before.

KFOR soldiers from the United Arab Emirates are now replacing the French troops in Vuciturn area. The rotation started on the 15th, and will be finished by the 18th.

In Multinational Brigade South, the body of a 96 years-old man was found in Recane yesterday. Apparently he had been killed the day before and an investigation is ongoing to unveil details on this case.

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