Updated: 7 October 1999 KFOR Press Updates


14 Sept. 1999

KFOR Press Statement

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

KFOR has arranged for the repair and cleaning of the 45 kilometers long stretch of aqueduct that runs from the Gazivode reservoir in the northwest of Kosovo down to Obilic outside Pristina. It was recently reopened after having been closed down for five months. The KFOR engineers' main impetus for this work was to restore the water supply for the cooling system at Kosovo B power station. A bonus however, is that the reopening of the aqueduct also means that water supply has been restored for over 30,000 people in the Drenica region, the main town in this area being Glogovac. This is because a network of side branches from the aqueduct supplies water for domestic use, irrigation and industry.

The detonation heard in downtown Pristina yesterday around 23:00 hrs, in the area of Multinational Brigade Centre, was a controlled explosion, conducted as a part of a bomb search. KFOR received an anonymous bomb threat at about 20:00 hrs, stating that a bomb would go off in Pristina at 23:59 hrs. KFOR take such threats very seriously, and searched the area. A suspect vehicle was found, and an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Team was tasked to the site. A controlled explosion was conducted, and the EOD team inspected the car, but no signs of a bomb were found. The bomb threat was decided most likely to be a hoax. However, KFOR encourages people to report to KFOR or UNMIK Police about any suspicious vehicle, package or any other items that may contain bombs. Such items should not be touched or moved, but for arrangements to be made with KFOR EOD Team to collect such items.

A grenade was thrown into a garden of an Albanian house at 02:00 hrs this morning. There were no reported injuries.

The school at Milosevo received 10 000 sheets of paper yesterday from Multinational Brigade Centre. This is a mixed school with 350 Albanian and 60 Serb kids. The school opened yesterday, and the Serb kids will attend the school as of tomorrow.

A convoy from Serbia was fired upon by unknown assailants east of Ranilug, Multinational Brigade East, at 15:00 yesterday. A Serbian man and a Serbian woman were wounded, and one person was killed. The incident is under investigation of KFOR Military Police.

Two Montenegrin women, 50 and 70 years old, were found dead in Pec, Multinational Brigade West, yesterday afternoon in their house. Furthermore, a dead man was found in the village of Precale yesterday. He had been missing since the previous day. KFOR Military Police is investigating the death.

As part of the investigation conducted after the killing of a Serb man in an ambush at Ljosepici two weeks ago, KFOR soldiers yesterday arrested an Albanian man under suspicion of murder. He is detained for questioning, and further investigations are ongoing.

Today KFOR Soldiers will begin de-mining of two schools in Klina and seven schools in Istok. This is a joint operation between Italian and Spanish EOD Teams.

In Prizren, Multinational Brigade South, yesterday, seven persons threatened an Albanian family to leave their house. The family is now under protection of KFOR.

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