Updated: 7 October 1999 KFOR Press Updates


12 Sept. 1999

KFOR Press Statement

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

The incidents of public disorder have fallen rapidly over the last 24 hours in Kosovo, and the situation in Mitrovica also seems to have stabilized.


KFOR engineers from Multinational Brigade Center are still working on the Kosovo B Power Plant. It was restarted yesterday morning at 05:00 hrs, but was subsequently shut down due to a problem with a water pump in the cooling tower. Kosovo A remained shut down.

Yesterday at 10:55 hrs in Dakovica, south of Pec, in Multinational Bridgade West, approximately 2000 Albanians gathered at a demonstration. The protesters demanded the release of a UCK commander who was arrested by KFOR for criminal charges. The situation was reported to be calm, and at 21:45 hrs the crowds dispersed without incident.

In Supce, 7 km west of Mitrovica in Multinational Brigade North, 100 Serbs blocked the road yesterday at 09:00 hrs in order to filter the access towards the village of Cabra. Danish KFOR soldiers intervened, and at 15:00 hrs the roadblock was dispersed.

Friday afternoon at 15:25 hrs in Multinational Brigade East, a Russian KFOR Checkpoint received small arms fire in the village of Ajnovce. The Russians returned fire, but there were no injuries. A Quick Reaction Force was sent to investigate, but found nothing.

A single vehicle accident occurred Friday, when a Russian jeep rolled over in Strezovcec at 17:30, injuring three Russian KFOR soldiers. The soldiers were evacuated to Camp Bondsteel, one of them being treated for slight injuries and released the same day. One soldier had possible broken ribs, he was treated and is now released. The third soldier was treated for a head injury and will remain in Bondsteel until Monday.

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