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11 Sept. 1999

KFOR Press Statement

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

The situation in Mitrovica still give reasons for concern, and KFOR call on leaders of both the Serb and the Albanian communities to exercise restraint and leadership to calm the situation down.


The situation remained tense in Mitrovica, Multinational Brigade North, yesterday, with groups of Albanians and Serbs gathering at each side of the main bridge. KFOR deployed soldiers both on the northern and the southern part of the bridge, along with Multinational Specialized Units. There were no slogans seen yesterday, and no claims from either of the groups. Some of the participants were reported to wear masks, others were throwing stones and bottles. The situation was also tense at the Danish Battalion camp in Doljane. At 20:00 all demonstrations ended, and at midnight Mitrovica and surrounding area were quiet. A total of 15 KFOR soldiers were slightly injured in the demonstrations yesterday. They will all be out of hospital today.

Yesterday evening at 20:35 hrs, a grenade detonated in downtown Pristina, Multinational Brigade Center. No injuries were reported.

A vehicle was stopped south of Pristina this morning at 03:25 hrs and 500 g of marijuana was discovered. KFOR handed over this case to UNMIK Police for investigation.

Yesterday, the UNMIK Police and KFOR started joint patrols in Gracanica, and Monday there will be joint patrols in the whole area of the Brigade. UNMIK Police will take over policing operations as of Monday 20 September. This is part of handing over the responsibility of law enforcement from KFOR to the civil authorities.

The bridge 11 km east of Djakovica, Multinational Brigade South, is closed due to a road traffic accident involving a civilian truck, occurring yesterday at 22:00.

Two Albanian men tried to cross the border illegally near Dragac yesterday. One of them stepped on a mine and lost his foot. He was taken to Dragac in a civilian car and given first aid by the Turkish Battalion doctor. KFOR soldiers searched the car, and a 7-mm pistol was found. The driver and the uninjured man were sent back to Albania, while the injured was taken to Prizren hospital.

A German APC struck a mine 15 km northeast of Suvareka yesterday. One soldier was slightly injured, and there was only minor damage to the vehicle.

A 40-year old Albanian male was found shot dead yesterday at 19:30 hrs in the vicinity of Kamenica in Multinational Brigade East. Military Police and US Criminal Investigation Department are investigating.

At 06:00 hrs this morning, 7 to 8 mortar rounds were heard near the town of Vladovo, 8 km south of Gnjilane. Two hours later, 12 explosions were heard east of Urosevac.

A 27-year old man who just suffered a heart attack was evacuated from Pec, Multinational Brigade West, to Pristina yesterday by an Italian KFOR helicopter.

At 18:40 hrs a KFOR Explosive Ordnance Device team detonated a mortar grenade handed over by a civilian in Dakovica. Generally, KFOR does not encourage civilian to touch or move explosive ordnance. Instead, the exact location of any ordnance should be reported to KFOR.

A KFOR patrol stopped 5 men stealing from a house in Pec yesterday afternoon. The men were detained, and an investigation will be conducted.

In Dakovica yesterday, a UCK member was stopped by KFOR soldiers at a checkpoint and his pistol confiscated.

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