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9 Sept. 1999

KFOR Press Statement

by Major Ole Irgens, KFOR Spokesman

The last 24 hours has been relatively quiet, especially in Multinational Brigade Centre. But still there are violent and cowardly attacks on civilians occurring. KFOR troops have conducted several successful operations with the confiscation of a number of weapons and ordnance.

In Multinational Brigade Centre the security situation improved during the last 24 hours. The brigade reports sporadic small arms fire, four house fires, and several checkpoint interventions involving confiscation of unauthorized ID cards and ammunition.

This morning at 02:00 hrs in Srbobran, 5 km south of Istok in Multinational Brigade West, 10 men in unidentified uniforms kidnapped a Bosnian Muslim man and his two sons, who were later released and found walking along the road at 0300 hrs.

In Klina at 0130 hrs this morning, a member of the UCK was detained for possessing an AK-47, two hand grenades, 52 rounds of ammunition and two magazines.

At 0300 hrs yesterday, in an apartment in Dakovica, a KFOR patrol confiscated a machine gun, ammunition, 30 cluster bombs, 2 M 85 anti-tank rocket launchers, a grenade and several anti-personnel mines. Eight UCK members in the apartment were detained and questioned, and an EOD team cleared the ordnance.

Today, at the request of an Italian non-governmental organization, KFOR will transport a 5 year-old girl, along with her mother, from Pec to Roma for surgical treatment of a rare disease.

The mortar firing heard yesterday in Multinational Brigade East, in the area of Petrovce, has now been investigated. Two Serbs were slightly injured at the point of impact in Glogovce, which was hit by 12 rounds. The firing originated from Dobrcane, where a mortar tube, a base plate and tripod and three rounds of 82-mm mortar ammunition were found along with an abandoned car. A mortar safety ring was found outside a house in the vicinity, which was searched, and a pistol, an AK-47 and a UCK uniform were confiscated. The investigation continues in order to track the perpetrators.

A 16 year-old boy was arrested yesterday at 23:40 hrs near Kabas after attempting to set a house on fire. This arrest was made possible thanks to the help of the local population. The boy is still in detention.

A grenade exploded in front of a house, under a vehicle in the vicinity of Vitina yesterday evening at 21:50 hrs. No injuries were reported and an investigation is ongoing.

Yesterday evening, a 65 year-old Roma female was shot and killed by two individuals wearing UCK uniforms in Trnje, 5 km southwest of Suva Reka. The woman was evacuated to the Multinational Brigade South hospital, where she subsequently died. The two perpetrators escaped, a search was instigated, and investigations are ongoing.

Three house fires were reported in Prizren the last 24 hours. Also, 11 UCK members were transported back to their assembly areas.

A cordon and search operation yesterday morning at 0940 in Buzalja resulted in the confiscation of three rifles, one pistol and a quantity of ammunition. Two people were arrested.

Yesterday at 13:56 hrs, looters were arrested in Mitrovica in Multinational Brigade North for attempting to steal electric equipment. Also in Mitrovica, two Albanians were detained and later released for provoking Serbs.

Two demonstrations took place in Mitrovica yesterday. The first took place between 17:00 and 17:30 hrs, gathering around 60 persons protesting against resettlement of Serbs. Between 19:00 and 21:00 hrs around 100 persons demonstrated against lack of school supplies. Both demonstrations were reported as quiet.

At 23:00 hrs, two explosions were heard in the eastern part of Mitrovica, although no casualties or damages were reported.

The Brigade also reports that the UCK turned in 23 rifles, two 60-mm mortars, one rocket propelled grenade launcher and one pistol.

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