Updated: 3 September 1999 KFOR Press Updates


3 Sept. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesperson

Kosovo remained relatively calm yesterday and again KFOR has conducted successful security operations, including one that is particularly noteworthy in the village of Rogovo, on the boundary between Multinational Brigade West and Multinational Brigade South.

Yesterday in the village of Rogovo, 8 km southwest of Orahovac, a joint search operation was carried out by KFOR troops from Multinational Brigade West and Multinational Brigade South . This very successful search operation was the result of excellent combined intelligence work and operational co-operation between the two brigades as part of KFOR continuous efforts to bring security and stability in Kosovo. The operation was targeted on a number of houses suspected of containing illegal weapons. It allowed the confiscation of approximately 500 weapons, including 250 AK-47, 50 machine guns, 15 rifles, explosives and ammunition. The weapons have been stored in a Multinational Brigade South secured storage area. This joint operation is an excellent example of cross-brigade co-operation and demonstrates KFOR's resolve to clear Kosovo of weapons that have already caused too many casualties in the province.

In Multinational Brigade Centre yesterday evening, a KFOR British patrol found one Serb suffering from gunshot wounds in Pristina. The man was taken to Pristina hospital where he died shortly after. The investigation of this murder case has been handed to UNMIK Police.

Also yesterday, KFOR military police found the body of a man in his late 40s between Pristina and Poduevo. The identity of the man is not known for the moment and an investigation is continuing.

Early this morning in Pristina, a British KFOR patrol arrested two Albanian men for intimidating and assaulting members of a Roma family. One Roma man suffering from slight injuries was taken to Pristina Hospital, where he was released shortly after. The investigation has been handed to UNMIK Police.

Yesterday in late afternoon, a 67 year-old man injured by a mine strike was evacuated to Lipjan hospital where he had to be amputated below the knee. Apparently the man walked in a known and marked mined area near Stimje.

Today In Multinational Brigade East, the U.S. 1st Military Police Company will deliver school supplies in Ugljare, including among other items writing paper, pen and pencils, scissors, and alphabet tablets.
Although banal in appearance, these kinds of activities conducted in all brigades strengthen the relationship between children and the police and shows that NATO uniforms are symbol of friendship and trust.

KFOR U.S. engineers will soon start working on improving roads in the Gnjilane area as part of brigade force protection and civilian safety initiatives. The roads will be improved in order to allow large vehicles to go around Gnjlane when roads through the city are jammed with civilian traffic.

The situation remained calm in Multinational Brigade North yesterday, where the brigade pursued mine-clearing operations in all its areas of responsibilities. Thirty-five schools have been cleared since Monday.

Beside the very successful search operation mentioned earlier, the situation was relatively quiet yesterday in Multinational Brigade West. Only one incident was reported at 21:05 yesterday night, when two explosions ere heard in the area of Gorazdevac, east of Pec. No casualties or damage have been reported, and search is ongoing to trace the origin of the blast.

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