Updated: 6 October 1999 KFOR Press Updates


29 Aug. 1999

KFOR Press Statement

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesperson


It has been remarkably quiet over Kosovo during the last 24 hours, with only a few house fires and sporadic gunfire shots heard in some areas. No major crimes were reported and KFOR will do everything possible to ensure that the security situation continues to improve for the benefit of all the people of Kosovo.

Two unfortunate road traffic accidents involving KFOR vehicles occurred -- one in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia where three civilians were killed, and one in Milosevo, which claimed the lives of two civilians. These accidents are greatly regretted and we wish to offer our condolences to the families and friends of those who died.

At about 12:00 hrs yesterday there was a road traffic accident on the Skopje - Veles road approximately 10 km south of Petrovac. The accident involved a civilian vehicle with five passengers and a KFOR Norwegian military Toyota minibus. The accident claimed the lives of three civilians: the LDP Minister without Portfolio, Mr. Radovan Stojkovski, his wife and daughter. Last reports indicate that the driver of the civilian vehicle was in a very seriously condition and that the Minister's son was injured. The two Norwegian officers who were in the minibus were injured and one was evacuated to the British Field hospital at Lipjan. The other officer is in a state of shock and under medical supervision in Skopje. This regrettable accident is currently under investigation under Norwegian jurisdiction.

The other accident, involving a civilian car and a French KFOR lorry, occurred yesterday at 15:15 hrs, 300 metres south of the Milosevo bridge, between Pristina and Vucitrn (in Multinational Brigade Centre). The five civilians travelling in the car were seriously injured and two of them subsequently died from their injuries. The three others were immediately evacuated to the Pristina Hospital, where they are reprted to be in a critical condition. No KFOR military personnel were injured and an investigation is currently ongoing.

In Multinational Brigade West, a school in Vrela is schduled to reopen for the students on September 1st. The school was refurbished by local civilians helped by KFOR troops, who provided materials and two trucks.

In Multinational Brigade East, Unexploded Ordnance Disposal teams are within two days of clearing all 179 schools in their sector of mines and unexploded ordnance. Fortunately, as of this date, no mines or unexploded ordnance have been found in any of the schools the teams have gone through.

Multinational brigades North and South also reported a very stable situation. They are pursuing security operations and supporting a variety of engineering projects such as school repairs, mine clearance, disposal of ordnance and support to UNMIK and non-governmental organizations.

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