Updated: 6 October 1999 KFOR Press Updates


24 Aug. 1999

KFOR Press Statement

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesperson


A successful KFOR-UCK Joint Implementation Commission meeting was held yesterday. UCK compliance with the Undertaking for Demilitarization and Transformation was confirmed as they have now handed in 60% of their weapons. This demilitarization process, along with security operations conducted by KFOR, will contribute to the restoration of a secure environment in Kosovo.

Yesterday in Multinational Brigade (North), following claims of stone throwing and gunfire from the train going from Pristina to Lesak, a search operation of the train and all the passengers was conducted in Priluzje. Although no evidence was found, KFOR decided to provide an infantry guard, which will ride on the train to ensure that there is no repetition of these alleged incidents.

In the area of Vucitrn, French troops just completed the removal of garbage from the streets. Now stored in a temporary site, the garbage will eventually be moved to a 20,000 cubic meter permanent site. The Mechanized Infantry Battalion and the Foreign Legion Engineers will transport 500 truckloads of garbage to the new site.

Yesterday in the area of Orahovac, Multinational Brigade (South) reported several spontaneous peaceful demonstrations related to the arrival of Russian troops.
Multilateral discussions involving the Russian advance party, the Commander of Multinational Brigade (South) and the local population allowed the demonstrators to disperse without incidents. The Russian contingent will carry on with its deployment within a few days in accordance with the Helsinki agreement. KFOR is confident that the deployment will take place and that the local population will eventually realize the valuable contribution that the Russian contingent will bring to the security in the area.

Yesterday, Multinational Brigade (East) evacuated to Pristina two young boys suffering from head injuries after a hit-and-run accident caused by a civilian car. The military police is investigating.

Later in the evening, four people were injured during a grenade attack in a Serb video store in Gniljane. One of them was seriously injured and had to be evacuated to Camp Bondsteel and later to Skopje. The individual believed to have carried out this attack threw another grenade in the Albanian part of Gniljane. There were no casualties and the Military Police are investigating.

In Multinational Brigade (West), Military Police are investigating an attack against two Roma sisters in Stupelj, 5 km north of Klina. Both sisters suffered gunshots, fired by 5 men. They have been evacuated to the 22nd field hospital.

The Italian Support Battalion is visiting villages in mountainous areas, providing medical care and distributing humanitarian aid to the population. Yesterday they visited the village of Loda and distributed 8 tons of humanitarian aid to 600 people.

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