Updated: 6 October 1999 KFOR Press Updates


22 Aug. 1999

KFOR Press Statement

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesperson


Tangible results can be observed in all brigades due to the implementation of security measures undertaken by KFOR nations. Although much has still to be done, we stay confident that the Kosovo population will continue to support our constant effort to restore peace and security for all.

Yesterday morning in Lipjan, in Multinational Brigade (Centre), KFOR conducted a search operation in nine buildings and confiscated one AK-47 and incriminating documents that may involve possible organized crime. Six ethnic Albanians were arrested and later released under bail pending further investigation.

Yesterday night a grenade attack occurred in Mali Alas, near Lipjan. Upon investigation one Albanian Roma was found wounded in the neck and leg and was taken to the 22nd Field hospital near Pristina. Information provided by witnesses lead KFOR troops to a nearby house where several weapons were found, including one AK 47, magazines, 200 rounds, 3 hand grenades and one pistol. One Albanian male was arrested and an investigation in ongoing.

At 1:30 hrs last night, shots were heard outside an apartment in Pristina. The Royal Military Police investigated and found a JIC cardholder in the apartment who admitted having fired 3 shots with his pistol. The weapon and the JIC card were confiscated by KFOR soldiers.

Yesterday morning in Multinational Brigade (North), a patrol and a medical team were sent to Banja, 20 km southwest of Mitrovica, following reports of a gunshot attack. They found two wounded Serb men, who were evacuated to the French hospital in Mitrovica. One later died from his wounds and the other is in a stable condition.

Yesterday, two Russian platoons arrived in the area of Srbica, in the Multinational Brigade (North) area of operations. They are the first elements of the Russian contingent expected to deploy in the area.

Yesterday evening in Prizren, in Multinational Brigade (South), a 16 year-old girl was killed with a knife by her 20 year-old girlfriend following an argument about a boyfriend. KFOR Military Police arrested the murderer and are currently investigating this incident.

In one single day yesterday, more than 250 weapons and hundreds of rounds were volontarily handed over to Dutch troops by the local population of Orahovac.

In Multinational Brigade East, the 720th Explosive Ordnance Disposal company has completed clearing all of the schools in Urosevac, Vitina, Sterpce, and Kacink and hopes to have completed the survey of the entire brigade very shortly. Only the areas of Gnjilane and Kosova Kamenica remain to be cleared. To date they have destroyed 10,000 pounds of hazardous munitions and worked 6,000 man-hours on 350 calls for assistance. This last week they have been checking schools for any unexploded ordnance, mines, and booby traps. Of the 175 schools in the US sector, they have surveyed 109 since they began on Monday. They will continue to survey schools in the Gnjilane and Kosovo Kamenica Obstina's to allow all the children of MNB(E) a chance for a healthy and safe school year free from the fear of explosive devices.

In the area South of Klina, in Multinational Brigade (West), Italian troops are providing protection to local farmers harvesting their fields. Patrols from 11th Artillery Regiment escort farmers moving from Pec and Gorazdevac to the village of Budisavci where they work. Depending on the needs of the farmers, the escort duty is expected to continue for several days.

Yesterday, 3 rifles and several magazines of ammunitions were volontarily handed over to the Spanish troops by locals in Istok.

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