Updated: 17 August 1999 KFOR Press Updates


17 Aug. 1999

KFOR Press Update


The situation has been generally quiet during the last 24 hours, with the gradual return of normal routine in Kosovo. Although encouraged by the decrease in violence and other criminal acts, KFOR remains vigilent in its efforts to cut further the number of incidents. KFOR soldiers will continue to strive for a stable environment for Kosovo and will be stringent against any individual that threatens their efforts.

Yesterday evening in Multinational Brigade (Centre), there were a couple of grenade incidents resulting in 3 civilians being slightly hurt. They were taken to Kosovo Polje Hospital. In a follow up operation, a vehicle that was linked to one of the incidents was stopped and one male, who was carrying an illegal weapon, was arrested.

In Multinational Brigade (East), an 8-year old Albanian boy suffering gunshot wounds was moved from Petrovce, approximately 8km East of Gnijilane, to the Hospital at Camp Bondsteel. The boy is now in a stable condition. In the same brigade last night, nine mortar rounds were fired on Klokot, resulting in seven casualties. A 14-year old girl and 16-year old boy were killed and 5 others people were wounded. They were taken to Camp Bondsteel where they are being treated by KFOR soldiers. KFOR Military Police are currently investigating both these incidents and will make every effort to catch the perpetrators.

KFOR soldiers continue in their efforts to improve the welfare of all the people in Kosovo. In Donja Koreticia, 40 soldiers from the Canadian Engineer Squadron and the 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron have been working at a school. They have re-roofed the school, repainted the inside of the building and are now repairing the windows, window frames and floor. They have also built a play-park at the site.

Civil Affairs personnel will distribute over 1,000 "Teddy" bears to children in the Multinational Brigade (East) area. American children in the Kaiserslautern military community have donated the toys, which are due to arrive in Skopje this week.

Today at 11:00 hrs, KFOR Support Battalion will hand over 16,000 DMs to the Pristina Hospital to help improve the welfare for the patients. This money has been raised by soldiers' families back in Rheindahlen, the Headquarters of the Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps.

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