Updated: 17 August 1999 KFOR Press Updates


15 Aug. 1999

KFOR Press Update

by Major Roland Lavoie, KFOR Spokesperson


Once again, the overall situation has remained relatively quiet in Kosovo during the last 24 hours, with isolated attacks and incidences of intimidation being reported. This is linked to a high level of patrolling in all multinational brigades and to the gradual return of a more stable and secure environment in Kosovo.

Multinational Brigade Centre

  • An explosion was reported in early morning downtown Pristina, although no damage or casualties were reported.
  • Early this morning, during wedding celebrations in villages between Stimlje and Lipljan, one person was killed and one ethnic Albanian man was wounded in the leg. Initial reports suggest that there was no criminal intent although the celebration got out of hand when celebratory gunfire occurred.

Multinational Brigade North

  • Yesterday afternoon, four Serb men were shot at and two were wounded when pursuing by car four ethnic Albanians in north Mitrovica. KFOR French troops intervened and evacuated the casualties to Mitrovica hospital. At this time, one arrest has been reported and two weapons have been confiscated. An investigation is ongoing.
  • In late afternoon yesterday, a search operation was conducted in Zubin Potok. As a result two Serb men were arrested in Mitrovica for possession of weapons.
  • Yesterday evening, a Serb drug-dealer was arrested by a Gendarmerie mobile vehicle checkpoint north of Mitrovica.
  • Yesterday afternoon, a 16 year-old boy lost a foot in a minestrike at Donja Dubnica. He vas evacuated to Pristina hospital.
  • Joint patrols with KFOR French mechanized infantry and United Arab Emirates started yesterday in the area of Svinjare.

Multinational Brigade South

  • At 2:00 a.m. last night three men encountered a German paratroopers patrol securing the area of Zjum and opened fire. One German soldier was hit but suffered no injuries due to his body armour. A search operation is ongoing in order to capture the assailants.
  • Yesterday morning a woman was discovered dead in an apartment in Prizren, apparently from stabbing wounds. An investigation is underway to confirm her identity and the cause of death.

Multinational Brigade East

  • Another successful law and order operation resulted in the arrest of four ethnic Albanian men suspected for stealing and vandalizing a Serb house in Babus Soski, 8 km north of Urosevac.
  • Four other ethnic Albanian men were detained in Podgoce following the murder of an ethnic Albanian man and the stabbing of his nephew. The suspects are held at Camp Bondsteel.
  • Yesterday night in Pozaranje, an 80 year-old Serb man was found dead with a gunshot wound. An investigation is ongoing.

Multinational Brigade West

  • A successful search operation was conducted close to Djacova. Supplies and weapons were confiscated.

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