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14 Aug. 1999

KFOR Press Update


The overall situation has remained relatively quiet in Kosovo during the last 24 hours. The presence of KFOR patrols in all areas, along with successful border controls, checkpoints and search operations, has contributed to this gradual reduction of criminal offences.

All brigades are also involved in humanitarian and reconstruction projects in support of UNMIK. These projects involve a wide range of activities including: ordnance clearance and repairs in schools, road repairs, disposal of ammunition and assistance in the restoration of public utilities.

In several cities yesterday, peaceful demonstrations occurred in support of ethnic Albanians remaining in jail in Serbia. No related incidents were reported.

Multinational Brigade Centre

  • The brigade reports a significant decrease of harassment and intimidation incidents. In one incident, two ethnic Albanians were detained for throwing stones at a Serb house.
  • Yesterday afternoon, the bodies of two ethnic Albanians -- one man and one woman - were found in north Pristina. Both victims, in their fifties, had been shot. This crime is currently under investigation.

Multinational Brigade North

  • In Mitrovica yesterday evening, several hundred Serbs demonstrated on the north side of the city -- away from the bridge -- in order to express discontent about the situation in Kosovo and the Yugoslav government. The bridge remained open to circulation during this peaceful demonstration.

Multinational Brigade South

  • Near Orahovac yesterday afternoon, three ethnic Albanian men were detained for questioning after their minivan was stopped at a checkpoint. The vehicle was carrying 120 pistols and guns. The circumstances surrounding this successful search are under investigation.
  • Yesterday evening, following a reported house burning in Prizren, two Albanian men suspected of arson were detained for questioning.
  • In Landovica, KFOR German and Dutch engineers started to provide construction materials to locals for rebuilding their damaged houses. The "Construction Service Department" will support the rebuilding of approximately 200 homes in this heavily damaged area.

Multinational Brigade East

  • Near Posjane yesterday afternoon, a KFOR truck was involved in a road traffic accident. A Serb woman was injured and evacuated to Gnijlane Hospital.
  • Yesterday evening near Klokot, 5 km north of Vitina, two ethnic Albanian men were detained for possessing two rifles and 30 rounds of ammunition.
  • At 22:00 yesterday night, a Serb woman was slightly injured by a drive-by shooting and grenade attack near Strpce. She has been treated on site by a nearby patrol. This cowardly attack in under investigation.
  • US forces are assisting the Canadian Forensics team at a crimes site near the village of Donja Stubla. At this time it is unclear whether the gravesite is Serbian, Albanian or other.

Multinational Brigade West

  • Yesterday in Istok, Spanish KFOR troops arrested 8 men who were threatening two women. No more information is available at this stage.
  • In Decane yesterday afternoon, KFOR Italian troops arrested a man just a few minutes after he had stolen a car.

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