Updated: 17 August 1999 KFOR Press Updates


13 Aug. 1999

KFOR Press Statement

by KFOR Spokesperson, Major Roland Lavoie

Multinational Brigade Centre

  • First, an update on yesterday's successful operation conducted yesterday in the area of Gornja Brinjica, 4km north of Pristina. As a result of reports of intimidation in the surrounding of Gornja Brinjica, KFOR troops were securing the area yesterday when two patrols heard gunfire near the village. Two cars tried to escape from a search and cordon operation and were eventually stopped after an exchange of fire. As a result, three Albanian gunmen were wounded. Two were arrested at the scene a third suspect was later detained for questioning when he reported to the emergency ward in Pristina hospital. Four other individuals accompanying the gunmen are also detained for questioning.
    This successful operation is a reminder that KFOR soldiers in Kosovo have robust rules of engagement. This include the right to open fire in self-defence. This is what happended during that operation.
  • In early evening yesterday, in the area of Podujevo, a mine incident killed one ethnic Albanian boys and injured his two brothers. MNB (Centre) is now marking this site to avoid similar incidents.
  • Yesterday evening two ethnic Albanina males suffering from gunshot wounds were brought to a patrol in Donja Gusterica. They were evacuated to the 22nd Field hospital and the attack is currently under investigation.

Multinational Brigade North

Multinational Brigade South

  • Yesterday two other searches were carried-out in MNB (South) and resulted in the seisure a limited amount of small arms and ammunition.
    Multinational Brigade East
  • Yesterday at 16:30 hrs, a Russian soldier was shot by a sniper while on guard duty in his compound in Robotovo, 8 km noprth-east of Gnjilane. He is now recovering from a shoulder wounds at the Russian mediacal facility in Kosovo Polje. This cowardly attack is currently under investigation.

Multinational Brigade West

  • Yesterday 83 Serbs, including 13 children came back to Gorazdevac from Montenegro. KFOR is pleased to see that more than 750, 000 people have decided to come back to Kosovo.
  • Yesterday afternoon during two distinct search operation in Susica, KFOR troops confiscated 4 rifles, 14 hand grenandes, 2 anti-tank rockets, 4000 rounds and 40 magazines. Later onother team intercepted 5 AK-47s and 7 magazines in a lorry crossing the border at Morina, 16 km west of Dakovica.

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