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12 Aug. 1999

KFOR Operational Update


Multinational Brigade Centre

  • Just before 23:00 hrs yesterday, a KFOR patrol responded to a gunfire heard in Pristina and found an elderly Serb women who had been beaten. She was transported to the Russian hospital in Kosovo Polje.
  • In Pristina at 02.30 two Albanian males were detained British KFOR soldiers after kidnapping a 16 year old Albanian girl.

Multinational Brigade North

  • Yesterday evening in Mitrovica, a 5 year-old Albanian girl was killed in an accident. A group of children were playing around a number of parked vehicles when the accident happened. The Gendarmerie is investigating the cause of the accident. We offer our condolences to the family of the victim. Counseling has been made available to the afflicted family.
  • Yesterday afternoon in Lesak, near Leposavic, KFOR French forces arrested a civilian as part of an ongoing investigation on a murder case. He his currently detained by the Gendarmerie in Mitrovica.

Multinational Brigade East

  • Following yesterday's successful search and arrest operation in a building in Gniljane, the 50 people who were released after questioning started a protest to obtain the release of 10 remaining detainees. The protest attracted several hundred people, who dispersed with the beginning of the curfew.
  • Yesterday afternoon in Dobrcane, 500 people demonstrated against KFOR Russian troops operating in the area. Although some protestors were carrying sticks and throwing rocks, no serious incidents were reported. US KFOR troops assisted the Russians and the crowd dispersed after the firing of warning shots.
    KFOR Russian troops have proven to be professional and impartial throughout their areas of operations. Rumors concerning alleged incidents have not been substantiated. The active participation of Russian troops in KFOR operations is essential for the resolution of existing tensions in Kosovo. KFOR reiterates its trust and confidence in the Russian contingent.

Multinational Brigade West

  • Yesterday a ground patrol found a 125-mm Howitzer artillery piece in a field near Dakovica. An Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team inspected the area and the gun was towed to a secure weapons storage site in Pec.
  • At about 21:00 hrs yestesday evening, a 17 year-old woman was kidnapped in Decane. An investigation is underway to find her and arrest the kidnapper(s).

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