Updated: 11 Aug. 1999 KFOR Press Updates


10 Aug. 1999

KFOR Press Update


Multinational Brigade Centre

  • At about 20:30 yesterday, two shots and a grenade explosion were heard near the railway in Lipjan. No damages were reported and a male and a female were questioned as part of the investigation.
  • Around midnight last night, a KFOR patrol came under small arm fire from a speeding car in Pristina. A helicopter followed the car until it was abandoned near Kosovo Polje. The car was impounded and an investigation is underway.

Multinational Brigade North

  • At 10:30 yesterday there was a spontaneous demonstration in Mitrovica involving approximately 200 ethnic Albanians. French KFOR troops assured the safety of the perimeter and the protesters, including many youngsters, dispersed at 11:30. One French officer suffered a concussion when he received a rock thrown by a protester. With the return of calm situation, the bridge is now open for circulation, providing no provocative demonstrations are conducted on either side.
  • Yesterday afternoon a French light armored vehicle was involved in a road traffic accident with a civilian vehicle 12 km north of Mitrovica. One soldier and four civilians were injured. Two of the civilians suffered serious injuries. All are currently treated at the Mitrovica military hospital.
  • At 16:00 yesterday a Danish bulldozer was engaged on a road north of Vucitrn by two bursts of machine gun fire. No one was injured and this incident is under investigation.
  • The Danish batallion is now fully deployed in the west area of MNB(North). The headquarters of the 800-men contingent is based in Zubin Potok, 15 km west of Mitrovica.

Multinational Brigade South

  • Yesterday morning, two Romas were hijacked in Prizren by three men. An investigation is currently underway.
  • Yesterday evening, a Serb man and women were shot in a Prizren apartment building. The man was killed and his wife was evacuated to the Prizren hospital for treatment. This crime is being investigated by the German military Police.

Multinational Brigade East

  • Yesterday evening in the area of Pones, 7km west of Gnjilane, a Serb woman and her 2-year-old daughter were shot and received non life-threatening wounds. Both were evacuated to Camp Bondsteel for treatment.
  • In late evening yesterday in Urosevac, an ethnic Albanian man was detained at Camp Bondsteel for attempting to evict a Muslim family from their apartment.
  • In two separate incidents reported in the area of Kosovska Kamenica yesterday, KFOR Russian troops came under small arm fire and immediately returned fire to the source of the attack. No civilian or military casualties were reported.

Multinational Brigade West

  • Yesterday in the area of Bjielo Polie, 20 km north east of Pec, Explosive Ordnance Disposal personnel from the 10th Italian Engineer Regiment destroyed an important amount of confiscated ordnance. The operation started at 10:30 and was completed successfully at 16"00 by blowing up in three different loads: 84 mortar bombs, 57 rifle bombs, 41 hand grenades, 15 anti-tank mines, 256 fuses, 167 kg of explosive, 150 grenades, and 180 anti-tank rockets and missiles. It shows that KFOR is determined to make Kosovo a safer place

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