Updated: 9 August 1999 KFOR Press Updates


8 August 1999

KFOR Update

Delivered by KFOR Spokesperson, Major Jan Joosten

  • Following is an update on yesterday's events in Mitrovica. Yesterday at 10:30, 200 to 300 ethnic Albanians did an unannounced protest march in Mitrovica, in the MNB (North) area of operations. They attempted to cross the bridge reaching the North part of the city, which is predominantly Serb. In order to prevent a violent clash, KFOR French troops did not allow them to reach the Serb sector. After discussions and the involvement of local leaders, the crowd calmed down and was dispersed by 13:30. During this event four individuals were arrested.

  • Yesterday evening, at 21:36 there was a grenade attack at a Serb bar in Pristina. Three Serbs were injured and taken to the Pristina hospital by a civilian ambulance. This crime is currently under investigation.

  • MNB Central received a bomb threat for the Grand hotel at 20:35 The area was cordoned off and the EOD conducted a clearance operation, nothing was found and at 21:30 the Hotel was declared safe.

  • In late evening yesterday, the Multinational Brigade North reported an attack with a grenade and small arms into a Serb residential district in Mitrovica. A patrol observed the attackers, returned fire, and apparently hit one of the criminals. One Albanian man has been arrested and an investigation is ongoing.

  • Just after 1:00 a.m. yesterday, there was a grenade attack at Pristina. One of the three alleged criminals was injured from the blast. He was brought to Pristina hospital and was later detained for questioning.


  • Media are invited to observe the destruction of confiscated weapons and ordnance in MNB West. Media wishing to attend are requested to report at 9 August, 09:00 at the Brigade Headquarters in PEC.

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