Updated: 9 August 1999 KFOR Press Statements


7 August 1999

KFOR Operational Update

Delivered by KFOR Spokesperson, Major Jan Joosten

  • Overall the last 24 hours were relatively quiet in the KFOR area of operations.

  • Yesterday at 21:30 in Ohrahovac (MNB South), a KFOR patrol found two male Serbs with gunshots wounds and one dead Serb male. The area was sealed off and a search was conducted. One injured person was evacuated to the Prizren hospital. The other one was treated on the scene by a military doctor and later taken to his home. The Military police is conducting an investigation and no arrests no arrest have been reported yet.

  • In Prizren after curfew hours, six unarmed and drunk ethnic Albanians were arrested while displaying aggressive behavior towards a German patrol. The patrol fired warning shots and the Albanians were arrested without further incidents

  • At 21:38 in Pristina (MNB Central), a British unit heard gunfire. A few minutes later, an Albanian male with shot wounds was carried to a military base where he was pronounced dead by a military doctor . The military police are currently investigating.

  • Yesterday in MNB North, an Albanian was killed by a mine explosion in Bajgora , 10 kms north of Mitrovica.

  • Yesterday in MNB North, the Unite Arabic Emirates took over the responsibility for the secure weapon storage site in Plana, a few Kilometers south-east of Mitrovica. The total strength of the UAE contingent is 1170, all operating in the MNB North area of responsibility.

  • There was a bomb alert at 23:15 yesterday at the Mitrovica hospital. The patients were evacuated and an EOD team later declared that the building was safe, The patients were able to return to their beds.

  • In MNB West yesterday, an Italian Patrol arrested four ethnic Albanians for looting in Dacovica.

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