Updated: 5 August 1999 KFOR Press Updates


27 July 1999
as of 11:00

KFOR Press Statement

Delivered by Major Jan Joosten, KFOR spokesman

  • It is planned for MNB-(E) forces to begin providing fuel and protection for Serb and ethnic Albanian farmers conducting co-operative harvesting in the area of Gnjilane today. Please contact the press officer at Camp Bondsteel to arrange for coverage if you're interested. (00-871-762-069-495)

  • The statue of Prince Lazare which was pulled down by demonstrators on the 24 July in Gnjilane was put back in place by US soldiers after having been repaired at Camp Monteith, in Gnjilane.

  • Yesterday at 1600 in MNB (N) a crowd of approximately 300 people protested against the arrival of Russian troops in Srbica. The French Gendarmerie monitored the demonstration. There were no incidents and the crowd had dispersed by 19:00.

  • In MNB (S) Dutch Military Police found 2 bodies were in Celine. The victims, believed to be ethnic Albanians, had bee shot. An investigation is ongoing.

  • In MNB (S) 13 km SW of Prizren at the border crossing point with Albania, a civilian stepped on a mine and received serious leg injuries, a nearby fisherman reported the incident to a German patrol The German soldiers had to clear a safe path through the minefield to extract him. He was eventually recovered and flown out by helicopter to the civilian hospital in Prizren.

  • Yesterday at 1600 in MNB (N) a crowed of approximately 300 people with children were protesting again the arrival of Russian troops in Srbica, the French Gendarmerie monitored the demonstration.

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