Updated: 17 June 1999 Operational Update


17 June 1999

Update on Operation Joint Guardian

Withdrawal of Serb forces from Kosovo and the corresponding deployment forward of KFOR forces remains on schedule.

Serb units which were given a 24hrs extension to leave Military Technical Agreement Zone I have now left. Serb units are also maintaining significant levels of withdrawal of forces from Zone II and III. Large convoys of Serb vehicles continue to depart "Gate 1" via KOSOVSKA MITROVICA and "Gates 2 and 3" via PODUJEVO.

KFOR forces are now well established throughout Zone I and are moving into Zone II behind withdrawing Serb forces. About 15,000 KFOR forces are now in Kosovo. Additional forces are entering Kosovo from FYROM where over 11,000 forces are poised to deploy into Kosovo. In total, Gen. Jackson now has over 26,000 forces under his command.

5th (UK) Airborne Brigade remains in place at LIPLJAN. Additional elements of the 4th (UK) Armoured Brigade yesterday reached PODUJEVO and are established in the vicinity of "Gate 3" at the Kosovo border.

The patrol area of the German 12th Armoured Brigade continues to expand as units move north into Zone II from PRIZREN. The Italian Garibaldi Brigade is well established in PEC and is also now moving into Zone II, deploying Mobile Observation Points throughout its sector.

US units in Task Force Falcon have consolidated their position at GNJILANE, releasing French forces to move north. Leading companies of the French Framework Brigade arrived at VUCITRN yesterday, with the remainder of the Brigade following today.

Subordinate KFOR Headquarters have been established at: PRISTINA (UK), PEC (Italy), PRIZREN (Germany) and GNJILANE (US); the French Headquarters will be established at MITROVICA in the next few days.

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