Updated: 15 June 1999 Operational Update


15 June 1999

Update on Operation Joint Guardian

KFOR deployment remains well on schedule.

There has been a substantial withdrawal of Serb forces in the last 24hrs, despite transport shortfalls and traffic jams. Efforts to evacuate Military Technical Agreement Zones I and II have intensified, with significant movement of Serb personnel and heavy equipment.

KFOR Forward HQ has been set up in South West Pristina and is fully operational.

5th (UK) Airborne Brigade has moved forward and is now in the area of LIPLJAN. The 4th (UK) Armoured Brigade, well established in and around Pristina, is now setting up a Civilian and Military Liaison Committee. This will provide a wide range of services, including assistance in the placement of military, civilian and NGO resources to promote the reconstruction of basic services.

French forces are positioned at GNJILANE and the German 12th Armoured Brigade is operating in and around Prizren. The Italian Garibaldi Brigade has established its HQ in PEC and is now in control of the Morina border crossing. US units in Task Force Falcon are now arriving at GNJILANE where they will relieve French forces.

After the initial deployment into Kosovo of the German, French, UK, US and Italian Brigades, troop numbers in Kosovo will rise again with the deployment of a Greek battalion today and tomorrow. In the last 24hrs, KFOR forces in Kosovo and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) have increased to about 24,500.

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