Updated: 14 June 1999 Operational Update


14 June 1999

Update on Operation Joint Guardian

KFOR deployment into Kosovo continues.

As at 0800L this morning, about 14,000 KFOR personnel were expected to be in Kosovo.

KFOR Forward HQ is south of Pristina and is expected to be operational today. 5th (UK) Airborne Brigade and 4th (UK) Armoured Brigade are now in the Pristina area. French forces yesterday reached GNJILANE and continue their deployment in south east Kosovo. The German 12th Panzer Brigade reached Prizren yesterday and is deploying in south Kosovo. Italian forces have reached PEC; further Italian forces will moved into west Kosovo today. US forces of Task Force Falcon yesterday relieved 5th (UK) Airborne Brigade in the KACANIK pass.

In the last 24hrs, KFOR forces in the Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) increased to about 24,000.

Serb withdrawal continues in accordance with the provisions of, and to the timetable set out in, the Military Technical Agreement. Zone I (south Kosovo) is reported to be emptying rapidly of Serb ground forces. In Zone II (Central Kosovo) Serb armoured units, including APCs and T55 Main Battle Tanks, have started movement from the GNJILANE area out of Kosovo.

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