Updated: 13 June 1999 Operational Update


13 June 1999

Update on Operation Joint Guardian

KFOR deployment into Kosovo continues.

5th (UK) Airborne Brigade and 4th (UK) Armoured Brigade are secure in the area of Pristina. More UK heavy forces are moving in. Overnight, French Forces had reached an area south of GNJILANE; their deployment continues today. German and Italian Forces have also crossed the border into Kosovo and are now deploying. US Forces will deploy shortly. KFOR Forward HQ is beginning to be established at Pristina.

In the last 24hrs, KFOR Forces in the Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) increased by nearly 3,300 to about 23,800. The major part of increase was accounted for by the continuing deployment of the 26th (US) Marine Expeditionary Unit and Task Force Hawk, and the arrival of further UK and Canadian Forces.

Yesterday the pace of Serb withdrawal continued steadily. The convoys leaving Kosovo are growing in size including tanks and other heavy equipment. Serb Air Defence Units continued to withdraw; it is likely that Serbia has now removed all SA-6 Surface to Air missile systems from Kosovo. It remains in compliance with Military Technical Agreement.

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