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18 June 1999

Agreed Points
on Russian Participation in KFOR

It is agreed by the Secretary of Defense of the United States and the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation:

  • To accept the Agreed Principles attached (attachment #1) as the basis for Russian participation in the international peacekeeping force (KFOR) in full compliance with UNSC Resolution 1244.

  • To provide for participation of one to two Russian battalions operating in Kosovska Kamenica in the US sector according to the attached command and control model (attachment #2). A Russian officer will serve as the Representative to the Sector Commander for Russian Forces.

  • Additionally, the US will recommend that NATO agree that Russian forces also participate in the KFOR forces deployed in the German and French sectors, also according to the command and control model (attachment #2), specifically that Russia provide one to two battalions to be part of the KFOR force in the German sector, to operate in the area near Malisevo, and one battalion to the KFOR force in the French sector, to operate in the area near Lausa both areas as shown on the attached map (attachment #3). A German company and a French company will also operate in the Malisevo and Lausa areas respectively. Russian officers will serve as Representatives for Russian Forces to the sector commanders in the German and French sectors, respectively.

  • The total Russian deployment in Kosovo will not exceed five battalions with a total strength not exceeding 2850 troops, plus up to 750 troops for the airfield and logistics base operation combined, plus 16 liaison officers. The level of Russian participation will be reduced in proportion to reductions in the overall size of KFOR.

  • To resolve the Pristina (Slatina) airfield issues on the basis of the allocation of responsibilities described in attachments #4 and #5. All KFOR participants will have access to the airfield, under procedures to be established by KFOR. Details to be determined by Commander, KFOR in consultation with Russian representatives.

  • That Russia will have the right to establish a logistics base with an appropriate site security in the vicinity of the town of Kosovo Polje, as agreed with COMKFOR, to support Russian forces in KFOR.

  • To send a Russian military representative to SHAPE and to augment his staff and expand his responsibilities to include Russian participation in KFOR, and to establish liaison and planning cells at AFSOUTH and KFOR as rapidly as possible in accordance with attachment #6.

  • To convene consultations as soon as possible to develop details for implementation of these agreements.

  • That these points, including determination on which sector the Russians will participate in, will be confirmed by the NAC for NATO and by the Government of the Russian Federation. The scheme of deployment of the Russian of KFOR may be reviewed and adjusted in the light of the prevailing circumstances by mutual agreement of the confirming parties, keeping in mind all aspects of a continued, appropriate Russian presence.

  • All command arrangements will preserve the principle of unity of command. It is understood that the Russian contingent in Kosovo will be under the political and military control of the Russian Command.


For the Department of Defense of the United States of America


For the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation