Updated: 3 May 1999 Kosovo: Maps & Aerial Views

Maps and Aerial Views of post- and pre-strikes used during the Press Conference by Major General Walter Jertz.

3rd May 1999

Please credit NATO photos.

NATO Air Operations

Attacks on Fielded Forces

Targets Day 40

Electrical Power Distribution System

Radio Relay Facilities

Veliki Jasterebac Radio Relay Station, Serbia
Pre Strike
(Full screen / 215Kb)

Veliki Jasterebac Radio Relay Station, Serbia
Post Strike
(Full screen / 303Kb)

Targets Day 40

Novi Sad Petroleum Refinery, Serbia
Post Strike
(Full screen / 287Kb)

Novi Sad Railroad & Highway Bridge over Danube, Serbia
(Full screen / 284Kb)

VJ/MUP Forces Day 40

VJ/MUP Targets in Kosovo Day 40

Pristina Military Installation Airfield, Serbia
Post Strike
(Full screen / 411Kb)

Humanitarian Update

Deliveries to Date

Ground Activity Update

FRY Air Defence Activity

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