Updated: 9 April 1999 Maps & Aerial Views

Maps and Aerial Views of post- and pre-strikes used during the Press Conference by Air Commodore David Wilby.

9th April 1999

Please credit NATO photos.

Ground Activity Update
(Full screen / 32Kb)

VJ/MUP Engagement Zone - Day 15
(Full screen / 31Kb)

(Full screen / 116Kb)

VJ/MUP Engagement Zone - Day 16
(Full screen / 31Kb)

Day 16 - Targets
(Full screen / 20Kb)

(Full screen / 175Kb)

Pristina Military Police, Serbia - Pre Strike
(Full screen / 103Kb)

Pristina Military Police, Serbia - Post Strike
(Full screen / 86Kb)

Pristina Fuel Storage Facility, Serbia - Pre Strike
(Full screen / 116Kb)

Pristina Fuel Storage Facility, Serbia - Post Strike
(Full screen / 65Kb)

Pristina Army Garrison, Serbia - Pre Strike
(Full screen / 194Kb)

Pristina Radrel, Serbia - Pre Strike
(Full screen / 140Kb)

Pristina Radrel, Serbia - Post Strike
(Full screen / 107Kb)

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