Updated: 28 March 1999 Maps & Aerial Views

Maps and Aerial Views of post- and pre-strikes used during the Press Conference by Air Commodore David Wilby

28th March 1999

Please credit NATO photos.

Area of Ethnic Cleansing
(Full screen / 863Kb)

Target Update
(Full screen / 39Kb)

Somber Airfield, Serbia - Pre Strike
(Full screen / 309Kb)

Somber Airfield, Serbia - Post Strike
(Full screen / 345Kb)

Podgorica Airforce Base - Pre Strike
(Full screen / 773Kb)

Podgorica Airforce Base - Post Strike
(Full screen / 479Kb)

NIS Storage Depot, Serbia - Pre Strike
(Full screen / 720Kb)

NIS Storage Depot, Serbia - Post Strike
(Full screen / 318Kb)

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