Updated: 10 June 1999 Operation Allied Force Update


10 June 1999

Operation Allied Force Update

While Operation Allied Force continued on Day 78, preparations for Operation Joint Guardian, the peace implementation mission for Kosovo, continued to accelerate.

Reinforcements to bring KFOR up to full strength flowed into the theatre. In the last 24 hours forces in FYROM increased by nearly 1,200 to about 18,500. That build up will continue rapidly over the next few days.

Yesterday, the North Atlantic Council approved the Operation Plan for Operation Joint Guardian and the Activation Order for the pre-deployment preparations of KFOR forces.

NATO flew 443 sorties, including 60 strikes and 22 suppression of air defence yesterday. All NATO aircraft returned safely. Operation Allied Force remains in effect until the Secretary General, following consultation with allies, announces the suspension of air operations. This will depend on the verified and effective beginning of the withdrawal of the Yugoslav military forces from Kosovo in conformity with the provisions of the Military Technical Agreement.

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