Updated: 7 June 1999 Operation Allied Force Update


7 June 1999

Operation Allied Force Update

On Day 75, Operation Allied Force kept the pressure on Milosevic with continued attacks against Serb forces in Kosovo.

NATO forces struck 20 artillery pieces, 17 armoured personnel carriers, four tanks, four mortars and 15 other military vehicles.

Other facilities that support Serb forces in Kosovo responsible for the ethnic cleansing were attacked in Serbia and Kosovo, including:

An Ammunition storage site at Kursumlija

A command post at Pristina

A radio relay site at Rudnik

An integrated air defence reporting post at Kapaonik.

NATO yesterday flew 483 sorties, including 142 strike and 61 suppression of air defence missions. All NATO aircraft returned safely. Operations on Day 76 are underway and accelerating towards their prior intensity. Further details will be provided at the NATO morning update

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