Updated: 6 June 1999 Operation Allied Force Update


6 June 1999

Operation Allied Force Update

On Day 74 of Operation Allied Force attacks against Serb forces were maintained while preparations for Operation Joint Guardian, the peace implementation mission for Kosovo, continued to accelerate.

NATO commanders held extensive talks with Serb military commanders yesterday to explain the Alliances plans for the withdrawal of Serb forces from Kosovo. Those talks are resuming this morning.

Meanwhile, preparations for the deployment of KFOR, the peace implementation force, to Kosovo, gathered pace. Reinforcements to bring KFOR up to full strength started to flow into theatre last night, and that build up will continue today. Several thousand additional troops are due to arrive in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia within the next 48 hours.

Yesterday NATO attacks on ground forces in Kosovo concentrated on those Serb artillery positions that were still active, with a total of 14 artillery pieces being struck.

Other facilities that support Serb forces in Kosovo responsible for the ethnic cleansing were attacked in Serbia and Kosovo, including:

Ammunition depots at:

  • Pristina
  • Vasac

Due to the deteriorating weather conditions an assessment of the effectiveness of the latter attack has not yet been completed.

In total NATO aircraft flew 431 sorties yesterday, including 95 strike sorties and 58 sorties designed to suppress Serb air defences. All NATO aircraft returned safely. Operations on day 75 are underway. Further details will be provided at the NATO morning update at 1030.

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